(Clearwisdom.net) Three years ago, I had an accident in which five ribs were fractured. Because I am a practitioner of Falun Gong, I recovered in seven days.

One day in the summer of 2003, I went out to work on the farm by bike. When I was on a bridge with an incline, a woman riding a bike in front of me could not move forward. She was blocking my way, so much so that I had to stop. All of a sudden, a three-wheeled-vehicle hit me from behind and I fell off the bike. I completely fainted. The driver of the vehicle found my son who sent me to the county hospital for a physical exam. I had three wounds which were stitched up. The diagnosis turned out to be "five fractured ribs and five displaced lumbar discs--status is critical." The doctor and the head of the hospital required me to stay in hospital to be treated.

I considered myself as a practitioner the entire time, "There won't be anything wrong with me." I decided to return home. After I came back, I was required by my family members to receive IM, IV and other medication. I decided to rest quietly and said to everyone, "I want to be walking outside in seven days."

Everyone thought it was nonsense. But they did not want to force anything on me and respected what I wanted to do.

I rested for three days and did not sense any recovery. On the fourth night, I had a dream in which Master dug out a decayed muscle with an unpleasant odor inside my injured ribs with his fingers. There was a soupy substance of decayed muscle in the gaps of his fingers. On the fifth night, when I was sleeping well, Master held a rib with his hands and pressed it on the injured area of my ribs. I suddenly awoke in great pain. My daughter asked me, "What's up?" I said very happily, "Just a moment ago, Master adjusted my ribs when I was in a dream. And I am fine." At that time, I could turn over.

On the seventh morning, the doctor came to take the stitches out from my head. I could move myself easily on the bed to get prepared. The doctor said immediately, "You are a practitioner, and you have recovered in seven days. It is indeed mysterious." I answered, "In a month I will be working in the field again."

Well, I went out to work in the field a month later. The doctor now tells my story to everyone who comes to see him. Later the CCP secretary of our village also found out. The agency from the town's 610 Office came to harass me. The secretary said, "These practitioners are all good people. He was hit by a vehicle and had five ribs fractured, and five displaced lumbar discs. He went out on the street seven days later. Which one of you could do this? This person does not cause any trouble and practices Falun Gong at home. Do not harass him any longer."