(Clearwisdom.net) At about 4:00 p.m. on May 24, 2006, Falun Gong practitioner You Xiuyun from Xuhui District was arrested at her home on South Longshui Road by policemen Wang Weixing from the Xuhui District Police Department, and Xu Zhihua from the Longhua Police Station. Yu Weiguo, chief of the Longhua Police Station also participated in the persecution.

On May 23, an unknown man knocked on You Xiuyun's door. He claimed that he came to inspect the house, but actually he was a plainclothes policeman who came to observe. It was learned that the police had been watching You Xiuyun's home for several days, but it had not attracted her attention. The consequences were tragic, and specific information about how many practitioners have been arrested is yet unknown. However, practitioner Ms. Bai Gendi from Shanghai went missing before this incident. It was said that the car she rode in was followed.

Before starting to practice Falun Gong, You Xiuyun suffered from intestinal cancer, and the hospital's diagnosis was that no treatment could help her. Fortunately, after practicing Falun Gong, all her illnesses went away, and she became a completely new person. Since she began cultivating, she has firmly believed in Master and Dafa and has persisted in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. In 2002, while she was preparing for her daughter's wedding, she was illegally sentenced to three years in prison, which led to the delay of her daughter's wedding. In prison, she was cruelly persecuted because she firmly practiced Falun Gong. As a result, her old illnesses recurred, and she suffered tremendous trauma both physically and mentally. Furthermore, the police searched her home many times and threatened her husband, who does not practice Falun Gong. Because of such threats, her husband lived in fear and had serious worries. One day on his way to arrange to bail out You Xiuyun for medical treatment, he fell off his bicycle and died from a cerebral hemorrhage. This was tragic for the whole family. In 2005, You Xiuyun returned home.

In addition, after practitioner Ms. Jiang Suying from Jiaxing Street of Hongkou District was arrested, practitioner Guan Longmei from the same street was also arrested at her home, and her home was searched. Recently, the Shanghai police have used the excuse of the summit meeting to enforce traffic control more strictly, escalate the persecution of Falun Gong, and block the Internet. Some non-practitioners who know the truth have told practitioners, "There are people watching and following you now, you should be careful."

Dafa practitioners are protected by Master. Attachments and shortcomings are to be eliminated on the cultivation path arranged by Master, and practitioners are improved in Dafa. We hope that practitioners will strengthen their righteous thoughts, pay attention to safety, thoroughly eliminate all the evil elements that persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners, strengthen the abducted practitioners in denying the persecution with righteous thoughts, and together do the three things well.