Ms. Ma Chunli, a Dafa disciple from Dehui city, was arrested and taken to the Dehui Detention Center, and she has been persecuted there for more than sixteen months. Because of the torture, Ma Chunli protested by going on a hunger strike, and the prison violently force-fed her, causing serious damage. Ma Chunli could not take any food and was hospitalized every few days. She was so emaciated that she was only skin and bones and even lost the ability to speak. She was in critical condition.

Although neither the prison nor the hospital would accept her, the detention center still refused to release her. The family members of Ma Chunli called the head of the 610 Office, Li Yuke. For Ms. Ma, Li Yuke said that the Dehui court had already sent out the notice refusing any parole.

In the meantime, Sun Qian, who is Ma Chunli's husband and also a Dafa disciple, has been persecuted for a long time in the second prison of Jilin province, which caused him to develop a new disease, lymph-node tuberculosis, on top of the old ones that were already quite serious and not cured yet. Before this, the second prison of Jilin province forcibly fed Sun Qian. They used violent methods and poured a high concentration saline into him and persecuted him with various cruel means. Sun Qian is very weak now and is in critical condition.

I hope all Dafa disciples can send forth righteous thoughts to save these fellow practitioners and in the meantime call upon all people with a sense of justice to help them!

Related phone numbers
Mostly updated phone numbers of police and justice departments in Dehui city:
General affair deputy mayor, Wang Lixue: 86-13943127777 (Cell), 86-431-7216668 (Office)
Deputy General Secretary, Li Zhibin: 86-13364635500 (Cell), 86-431-7229566 (Office)

Police department:
Director, Zhang Guochen: 86-13943101001 (Cell), 86-431-7222192 (Office), 86-431-7211111 (Home), 86-1336460001 (Cell)
Deputy Director, Wang Shuxin: 86-13944024888 (Cell), 86-431-7238208 (Office), 86-431-7276698 (Home)

Head of 610 Office, Li Yuke: 86-13364633706 (Cell), 86-431-7216610 (Office), 86-431-234600 (Home), 86-13944025000 (Cell)
Party Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, Zhou Hongwu: 86-13904397518 (Cell), 86-431-7229559 (Office)
Deputy Party Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, Li Jin: 86-13364633002 (Cell), 86-431-7219922 (Office), 86-431-7266677 (Home)
Director of Procuratorate, Zhao Jun: 86-13351500555 (Cell), 86-431-7272885 (Office), 86-431-7817800 (Home)

Chief Justice of the Court, Xu Xiangguo: 86-13944995115 (Cell), 86-431-8352168 (Office), 86-431-7225115 (Home)

Dehui City Detention Center
Director, Ding Richao: 86-431-7273438 (Office)
Deputy Director, Liu Yuhu: 86-13086827618 (Cell)
Jail doctor, Li Yazhou

Phone numbers for Jilin second prison (also Jilin prison):
Address: 100 Junmin Rd, Jilin city, Zip code 132012
Switchboard; 86-432-4881551
Fax: 86-432-4882559
Chief of the political section, Liu Wei: 86-432-2409418
Warden, Li Qiang: 86-432-864881551Ext.3001 (Office), 86-13843218517 (Cell)
Deputy Warden, Liu Changjiang: 86-432-4881551Ext.3003 (Office), 86-13904429905 (Cell)
Deputy Warden, Wang Yufan: 86-432-4881551Ext.3006 (Office), 86-13804411837 (Cell)
Deputy Warden, Zhao Xinchao: 86-432-4881551Ext.3008 (Office)