(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhao Dewen, 52 years old, was from Beichen District, Tianjin City. In the beginning of 2001, she was arrested by local police at her own home. She was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor camp. She was detained at Banqiao Bridge Forced Labor Camp, Tianjin City for persecution. Because she would not give up her practice of Falun Gong, they extended her forced labor term twice. She was persecuted to death on June 3, 2003.

One day before her death, the forced labor camp started a new round of persecution on Falun Gong practitioners and they singled out Zhao Dewen as the victim of their inhumane crimes. At that time, those who directly participated in persecuting her were police officers Kou Na, and Yin Chanzhang. Under the direct guidance of both of these two officers, three drug addicts forced her to take some aphrodisiac. Those three drug addicts were Wang Tonghuan, Wanghui, and Chang Zhiling. Yin Changzhang said, "I took this kind of drug before. It is very powerful. Wait for half an hour, and then strip off her clothes."

After half an hour, those drug addicts took off Zhao Dewen's clothes. Wang Tonghuan then forcefully inserted his hand into Zhao Dewen's private parts and wildly grabbed inside, which caused Zhao to bleed profusely. Zhao Dewen suffered extreme pain. Later on, Wang Tonghuan wanted to vomit and said, "I would not do such a thing in the future."

In order to cover up the truth of this event, the forced labor camp sent a notice to Zhao Dewen's home saying she committed suicide. The police even fabricated the suicide scene. When her family members came to the forced labor camp, they saw that Zhoa's neck had marks caused from being hung by her neck, both of her wrists were cut and broken, and she was wearing new clothes. Her family asked for her former clothes, but the police said they could not find them. When her family helped to change her clothing, they found a big hole under her arm was still bleeding. Her back was black. Her private part was still bleeding.

The police would not allow her family to take her body home. Instead, they wanted to cremate her body in order to cover up their crimes and eliminate the scene of the killing. On June 7, 2003, the entire No. 5 team was moved to the No. 1 team building and combined with them.

In the beginning of 2003, Tianjin City Female Forced Labor Camp held a brainwashing session to persecute those Dafa practitioners who would not be "transformed". The captain of the police ordered criminals Ge Juan, Li Xue, Wang Tonghuan, Chang Zhiling, and Wang Hui to take turns beating up Dafa practitioners. Their methods were very vicious and cruel. They wore gloves to dig into a female practitioner's private parts. They squeezed female practitioners' nipples until they were mashed.

Xia Chunli, the captain of police was the person in charge of the brainwashing sessions. She often beat up Dafa practitioners until they lost consciousness, and she kept saying ferociously, "If you do not transform, I will let you die without any evidence." The police at the forced labor camp put drugs into Dafa practitioners' meals. Some would even pinch a Dafa practitioner's neck with one hand while grasping the Dafa practitioner's hair with the other hand and pour drugs into the Dafa practitioner's mouth. The police also pulled off Dafa practitioners' clothing and then applied some drug to their skin which makes people become mentally unbalanced, and paralyzes the whole body.

Banqiao Female Forced Labor Camp at Tianjin City: 86-22-63251823