(Clearwisdom.net) Around the Qin and the Han dynasties, there was a general named Han Xin, who was very good at leading his soldiers. Initially, Han Xin served as a low ranking official under Xiang Yu, the most powerful general in the war of resistance against the Qin Dynasty. Xiang Yu reckoned that Han Xin didn't have great physical strength, so he didn't put him in an important position. Actually, Han Xin was very good at military strategy. Since his talent was not recognized, Han Xin left Xiang Yu and joined the army led by Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty. But Liu Bang did not think much of Han Xin either. Han Xin left Liu Bang's army too. Liu Bang's Prime Minister, Xiao He, heard the news that Han Xin had left, and he left in a hurry and chased after Han Xin, without having time to report to Liu Bang.

Three days later, Xiao He brought Han Xin back. Liu Bang asked Xiao He, "Where were you in the last several days? Why didn't you let me know?" Xiao He replied, "I left to take care of a very important matter that I didn't have time to report to you." Liu Bang asked, "What important matter?" Xiao He told him that Han Xin left, and he went after Han Xin to encourage him to stay. Liu Bang was very angry, "So many generals have left, and you didn't chase after any of them. Why did you chase after a little soldier?"

Xiao He replied, "Other people are easy to get, but not Han Xin. His talent is far beyond others. He is the person that you can rely on to lead your army and to conquer the nation."

Liu Bang asked, "In your opinion, should I make him the commander in chief?" Xiao He replied, "Absolutely. Han Xin is sensitive about his reputation. If you just order him to be your commander in chief, he may not accept it. You should set up an altar and hold a ceremony to ask him to be the commander in chief." So Liu Bang set up a grand altar and Han Xin indeed accepted the position and became the commander in chief. Later, Han Xin helped Liu Bang defeat his biggest enemy, Xiang Yu. Thus Liu Bang was named Han Gaozu, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty.

Once Liu Bang asked Han Xin, "If I were a general, how many soldiers can I lead?" Han Xin said, "Your Majesty can lead 100,000 soldiers." Liu Bang then asked, "How many soldiers can you lead?" Han Xin smiled and replied, "Me? Duo-duo Yi-shan." Literally translated, this meant "the more, the better", essentially boasting that no army is too big for him to lead.

Liu Bang was not too happy with this answer. Han Xin smiled and then said, "Your Majesty, you are not as good in leading soldiers, but you are very good in leading generals. That is why you are the emperor."Later on, people grew to use the saying "Duo-duo Yi-Shan" to mean "the more, the better."