(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Li Xiaoyu persisted in her belief in Falun Dafa. She was illegally sentenced to 10 years in prison. She is currently extremely weak and cannot care for herself unassisted.

(Photo of Li Xiaoyu)

Ms. Li, 36 years old, used to be a teacher at the Jiefangbeilu First Elementary School. Since becoming a Falun Gong practitioner in 1997, she did everything according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." She was very attentive to her teaching job, and her colleagues considered her to be a top teacher. Teachers at her school said that the students in her class had the best discipline and moral character.

Agents from the Lianxin Police Station in the Jinjiang District of Chengdu City arrested Ms. Li in April 2002 when she was at a Falun Gong materials production center. Two other practitioners were arrested at the same time. They were Mr. Zhao Yong, 35 years old, who lived at Group One, Chen Village, Jingshan Township in Bazhou District, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, and Mr. Min Qinjun, 30 years old, who lived at #5 Gujinsi Road, Shaping Township, Ebian Yi Autonomous County, Leshan City.

In July 2003, Jinjiang District Court officials held an illegal hearing in which the three practitioners openly exposed Jiang Zemin's crimes in persecuting Dafa. They each received a 10-year jail sentence.

Ms. Li Xiaoyu was steadfast in Falun Gong cultivation and suffered from long-term persecution. The police frequently arrested and detained her. She lost her job and the right to live a normal life and was often harassed and intimidated by people from the Jinniu District Political and Judiciary Committee. The persecution even extended to her young son. Even a holiday gift, to which he was entitled, was withheld from him.

According to an insider, because she refused to perform any forced labor, Ms. Li endured very severe physical and mental trauma. Her face was disfigured and swollen. She lost quite a few teeth from violence. Ms. Li is extremely weak, and her situation is very critical.

Responsible persons in this case:

Chengdu City's Jinniu District Political and Judiciary Committee: #65 Shawan Road, Chengdu City 610031
Long Xingyu, Secretary, Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-28-86266390; 86-13808060117 (Cell)

Chengdu City's Jinjiang District Political and Judiciary Committee: Dacisilu Chengdu City, 610016
Hao Xiaofeng, Secretary, Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-28 -86753550

Western Sichuan Women's Prison: Dabao Village, Longquan Yiwenan Township, Chengdu City 610109
Yuan, Jail Education Section Chief: 86-28-84898233
Li, Prison Politics Branch Section Chief

Chengdu City's Jinchiang District Lianxin Police Station: Lianhua North Second Lane, Chengdu City: 86-28-84545602
Leng Qiuming, director
Chen Qingfu and Li Xu, police officers.
Chengdu Cao Jiaxiang Police Station: 68 Chengdu Ma-an Street, 610081
Li Huasong, police officer: 86-28-83345576

Chengdu City, Jinjiang District Court: 5 Chengdu Tianxianqiao South Road, 610021, phone: 86-28-84554377
Yang Yuquan, Chief Judge
Li Tong, Presiding judge: 028-84529065
Chen Jianqing and Chen Xiufen, jurors
Liu Husheng, clerk

Chengdu City's Jiefang North Road First Elementary School, 610081: 86-28-83330837
Liu Xingcheng, retired principal
Zhang Zhi, principal.

Sichuan Province's Dianzhang Law Firm: Luo Yuqin, designated attorney appointed by Jinjiang District Court for Ms. Li Xiaoyu