(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in March, 1999. Because I was not very diligent, sickness interfered with me for five years. Recently, I firmly held righteous thoughts and I was able to eliminate the evil old forces' arrangement, and walked back onto the cultivation path in a dignified and upright manner. Here I am going to share my experience with fellow practitioners and hope those who have been interfered with by "sickness" can find something to reference.

Not long after I obtained the Fa, the persecution started. Because I had not studied the Fa well, I was frightened by this sudden evil battle. I failed to continue the practice and at that time, the sickness got onto my body. I was diagnosed with a cyst on my pancreas by the hospital. The medical treatment brought no improvement. Afterwards, in a dream, I received Teacher's merciful hint and returned to practice Falun Gong. I started Fa study and practicing the exercises diligently again. During this time, while dressing, one day I suddenly noticed a bulge on the left side of my body, in the exact location of the pancreas. I was affected by this and didn't clearly realize that this was the old forces' interference.

Later, I became aware that this was the old forces' persecution and I started to negate and eliminate the sickness. Yet, I fell into another attachment, always observing changes in my body intentionally or unintentionally. Just like Teacher said, some practitioners haven't gotten rid of their fundamental attachments and as things have piled up, in the end their tribulations get big.

"When problems occur, instead of searching for problems in their xinxing, fundamentally improving themselves, or truly letting go of the matter and coming through in an open and dignified manner by another route, they focus on the thing at hand--"Goodness... why is it that I still can't overcome this thing? I've done better today, so it should have improved a little. Tomorrow I'll do even better and it should improve some more." He can never let go of that thing. On the surface it appears that he's letting it go--"Look, I'm doing well now." You're doing well now but you are doing well now for its sake. You aren't doing that for the purpose of doing what a true Dafa disciple should do!" ("Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference ")

Then the old forces also managed to take advantage of my problem and kept putting evil messages into my thoughts: "It's hopeless, you must go to the hospital or you may die any time!" Moreover it became painful and the bulge seemed to be getting bigger day by day. All kinds of thought karma came up. By then, I also held a big attachment: I had not shared my situation with fellow practitioners because I worried about creating a burden for my family members. I also felt it'd be useless to let fellow practitioners know. In fact I hid my attachment, not willing to let the others know that I was having such a problem. Here I'd like to tell fellow practitioner that you should be sure not to hide your own situation.

Afterwards, I shared my problem with my family and some fellow practitioners. They helped me to look inward, and I found my attachment. In the meantime, I strengthened my righteous thoughts and righteous faith. No matter whether it's a good deed or a bad deed, I wouldn't acknowledge it in any case and wouldn't pay attention to it. I eliminated every single negative thought: I am Teacher's disciple, I'll only acknowledge Teacher's arrangements, and I will completely eliminate all the evil manipulators and demons in other dimensions that interfered with my validating the Fa, including the evil old forces and the communist evil specter. Meanwhile, I diligently studied the Fa, doing the three things well, breaking through in an open and dignified manner. At that time, whenever a bad thought was reflected into my brain, I'd recite Teacher's writing - "A Righteous God," "Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions," "Hong Yin 2," and "Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate" (Zhuan Falun). During the day I studied the Fa more with an eased mind, shared more with fellow practitioners, read more of "Minghui Weekly", let go of the illness completely, and did the things that a Dafa practitioner is supposed to do.

Then, in November 2005, that large bulge suddenly disappeared, but my body felt very uncomfortable. I knew that I should not acknowledge the old forces' persecution, nor acknowledge the abnormal condition caused during the elimination of the old forces. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher for support to eliminate the abnormal condition, and to do well the three things as usual. In this way, the abnormal condition vanished. I felt heartfelt gratitude to our merciful Teacher, grateful for Teacher's salvation. I thought, "Who would ever know how much our merciful Teacher has suffered for us disciples!" By then however, my heart developed a kind of joyfulness (the attachment of zealotry) as well as the attachment of worrying about getting zealotry. When studying the Fa, I realized that cultivation is a very serious matter; our every single thought should follow the Fa so that we can do everything well. Cultivation is quite complex; no matter what happens or what situation arises, we should all follow the Fa. Only when we maintain faith in our Teacher and in the Fa, can we become Dafa disciples during this Fa-rectification period, only then can we fulfill our oath and accomplish our mission.

I hope that those fellow practitioners who have been interfered with by sickness will wake up as soon as possible, put down their notions and attachments, and become a dignified Dafa disciple during this Fa-rectification period!

April 30, 2006