(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang Zemin went to Shandong Province, I have kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind him. I read the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) every day to track where Jiang went, and I sent out my righteous thoughts to wherever place Jiang went. After several days had passed, I felt very passive in my actions. While I was still sending forth righteous thoughts according to the Minghui website report, I found that whenever I read the Internet in the evening, Jiang had already moved to other places. At that time, I had some complaints that fellow practitioners had not provided accurate information. But after I calmed down, I found that it was due to my own problem. Every day I tracked where Jiang went. My action of mine was passive. I still could read the Minghui website every day, so if all practitioners who were only able to read "Minghui Weekly" a week later had also sent righteous thoughts as I did, would it have been even more passive for them?

I found that my problem was not the way of my sending forth righteous thoughts per se, but my failing to correctly position my view of the elimination of evil. What I thought in my mind was just to eliminate the head evil, as it caused calamities wherever it went. If I had eliminated it, it would seem that I had done my best and accomplished my task. At the same time, I also realized that I had the subconscious notion of protecting myself, and I thus paid varying degrees of attention to the issue while the head evil was different distances from me. I realized my own problem until over seventy Dafa practitioners in Qingdao City were illegally arrested.

Why do we need to send forth righteous thoughts? Is it right that Master has given us this supreme capability to accomplish our great, historic mission of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings? Although my sending forth righteous thoughts was, for the most part, to eliminate the evils behind the head evil and save sentient beings, my selfish mentality of wanting to protect myself, which had been intermingled in my sending forth the righteous thoughts, was the fundamental cause of my passivity. Subsequently, I have sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evils in other dimensions and all the evils behind it wherever the evil head goes. I had also connected with the enlightened sides of all the local and Shandong Dafa practitioners and let our hearts be connected to each other and thus form the mighty righteous field of eliminating evil. In doing this, I have felt incomparable mighty power.

I have thus realized that Shandong Dafa practitioners should actively eliminate the evil no matter where the head evil goes, rather than waiting to do so until it comes to a certain place, which would be very passive (Jiang went to Qingdao City on May 5, yet seventy practitioners were already arrested May 2). We should also find our own shortcomings on this matter and figure out why Jiang has stayed in Shandong for so long. Our Dafa practitioners on the whole should also think why Jiang head has traveled to other regions for so long to do evil things everywhere. Being this way certainly has something to do with Dafa practitioners, as there is nothing accidental. Where have we not done enough? Have we relaxed our guards, or have we had other problems? We should find the corresponding incorrect elements that have existed along individual Dafa practitioners and along all the practitioners as a whole. If we are able to do the above, our righteous thoughts would certainly be able to completely eliminate the evil, and Jiang will not be able to run rampant. Our doing so also fundamentally negates the evil persecution.

Because my understanding is limited, I hope that others can share their understandings on this issue and improve ourselves as a whole.