(Clearwisdom.net) An older fellow practitioner told about a time she went out to post truth clarification material. She had a rather large poster, and, because she was fearful while tacking it up, she became flustered as she took off the double-sided tape and hastily stuck it to the wall. However, one edge of the poster got wrinkled and it was impossible to remove it and stick it up again without tearing it

After she returned home, she sent forth righteous thoughts to strengthen the power of the material she had just posted. She "saw" a small, radiant, golden Buddha on the material she had just posted. When she looked carefully, she noticed that the Buddha's body was very straight, but that the face was full of wrinkles. She immediately realized that she should be focused, have a serious attitude, and be pure of heart while posting the flyers. Even more, though, she should feel no fear.

Because saving all living beings is the great mission our Master has entrusted us with, and Master's wish is the true divine will, our deeds of distributing materials to save all living beings are truly following His divine will. Anyone that prevents theses acts of salvation, regardless of what kind of excuse they use to obstruct, disturb, or destroy, is truly going against His divine will. They are doomed to be destroyed and eliminated. As a practitioner who follows Master's divine will, why would you fear the evil that goes against heaven unless you do not believe in Master and the Fa? After this experience, she is always respectful while distributing or posting materials.

I wrote this article on behalf of a fellow practitioner. It is written to encourage practitioners who are also distributing truth materials. This is an individual's understanding. Please mercifully point out mistakes where inappropriate.