(Clearwisdom.net) During the last several years of crazy persecution, I have enlightened by stabilizing righteous thoughts and firmly believing in Teacher and Dafa. This is how we are able to brave all hardships and advance in adversity. I wrote down the path I walked over these years, and hope it can provide a reference to fellow practitioners on doing the three things well.

Study and Memorize the Fa, Practice Movements on Schedule

Teacher has talked about the importance of Fa study many times. This is the key to denying the old forces and eliminating their interference. Before the persecution began, I actively participated in group Fa study, practicing exercises outdoors, and going out to introduce the Fa. I felt that I improved quickly, and had great changes in xinxing and in my physical body.

After the persecution began, I was detained and my home ransacked time and time again. Political, legal, and police departments, as well as my workplace continuously harassed me, interrogated and monitored me for months, and threatened me by phone. It caused great harm to my body and soul and created huge interference to my work and family. Because I did not let go of fundamental attachments, I learned from other people instead of the Fa. I was affected by those who enlightened on the evil path. I thought I could relieve myself by compromising with the evil. The compromising left a stain on the path of my cultivation. I regretted a lot afterwards. Later I solemnly declared on the internet that I would negate all those compromising. At that time, I did not dare to keep Dafa books at home and my Fa study was affected. For a period of time, I felt very confused, my cultivation status was not good, and I felt very depressed.

Teacher does not want to give up on his students. He gave us Dafa books and materials, and helped me to pull myself together. At that time, I thought: Such a good Fa, such a merciful Teacher. It is really a pity if I do not learn and practice. Teacher told us one day the Fa-rectification had not finished. Practitioners still have chances. Aren't new practitioners still joining the practice? So I just treated myself as a new practitioner, regardless how TV, radio and newspapers slandered Dafa. We practitioners are most clear on how pure and righteous Dafa is, how royal and dignified it is. Only after you have tasted the peach yourself can you tell whether it is sour or sweet. Only those have solidly practiced Dafa can know Dafa's beauty.

So I again kept studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I read two to three lectures of Zhuan Falun on average daily, and read two to three times every week, I also studied other lectures and read Minghui Weekly etc. After a period of time, I had the thought of memorizing Dafa. Before the persecution began, the assistant center suggested practitioners memorize the Fa. Our group memorized one paragraph every week, and had done more than one lecture, but stopped after the persecution began. I did well in other matters, but had difficulties memorizing the book. I could not remember one paragraph in a few days and forgot straight away after memorizing-I was therefore afraid of difficulty. But when I recalled the scene of practitioners memorizing the Fa before the persecution-elderly practitioners could only memorize one sentence each day but they kept trying-I felt very enlightened. What others can do, I should also be able to do. I memorized at least one paragraph every week, and wrote it down from memory, proofread it, and then put it in my pocket, so I could memorize wherever I went until I knew it by heart. I then neatly copied it down, and preserved it.

In the beginning, I could only memorize one lecture in a year, and only later did I became faster. I read fellow practitioners' sharing articles on memorizing the Fa, I was ashamed that my progress was too slow, but I moved forward every day, sure that I would finish it one day. By July 20, 2004, I memorized the whole Zhuan Falun, and also finished copying it. It was my third time copying the book. I also memorized Hong Yin and some other lectures.

During this time, my condition was great, I thought of Fa all the time, so the interference also became lesser and lesser, the environment became better and more relaxing, the workplace also rehired me in my previous position. My classmates and colleagues all knew I practiced Falun Dafa, they also thought that Dafa was good from my behavior, words, and deeds. I knew it was the manifestation of Teacher pushing forward the Fa-rectification and eliminating the evil.

Practicing exercises is also very important, it is a part of the Fa; it changes our benti (true body), evolves energy, and strengthens supernatural capability. I persist in practicing the exercises, so I will not forget that I am a practitioner, and treat myself strictly at all times. Before the evil persecution, our fellow practitioners here were all diligent in practicing the exercises. After the persecution, we lost the environment of group practice, some practitioners slackened and could not get up in the morning, intending to practice in the daytime but would forget when they got busy. I think that even though the evil persecution came, we should still get up to do the exercises on schedule. Doesn't this deny the old force arrangements? For several years, regardless of the whether I set my alarm at 4:40 a.m., I get up to practice the exercises on time.

Insist on Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and Clarifying the Truth

Since Teacher told us about sending forth righteous thoughts, I have continued to do it daily for several years. After I get up at 4:40 a.m., I send forth righteous thoughts at 5 a.m., and then practice the exercises. I send righteous thoughts again at 6 a.m., continue the exercises, and then send righteous thoughts again at 7. I send righteous thoughts three times in the morning, three times at night, and once at 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. It never changed whether the persecution was severe or the environment was relaxing. In the beginning, I could not get up at 12 midnight, sometimes I woke up late, so I bought an alarm clock and set it for 11:54 p.m., specifically for sending righteous thoughts.

I feel very unhappy upon seeing humans poisoned by evil and ignorantly creating karma. I am introverted, however, and not good at talking and socializing; I did not clarify the truth to many people because I feel very anxious about speaking to those I do not know. I mainly speak the truth to my relatives and good friends and classmates and colleagues. I am able to explain the truth in depth and thoroughly to people I am familiar with, exchange views and open up their hardened hearts. But I talk little to strangers, and distribute little truth-clarification materials, I must overcome this shortcoming and save more people. I previously thought hanging banners and distributing flyers does not have a big impact. I felt it was very dangerous, only lasts a short time before the evildoers pack it away, and the banners are unable to explain the truth. Through a few incidents, I realized my understanding was wrong. Banners and flyers also contain Fa's connotation, can press down the evil, eliminate the rotten ghosts, and enlighten people's righteous thoughts. After people with predestined relationships see the banners, Teacher's fashen will arrange for him or her to learn more. A few friends of mine, by their own initiative, came to me for the truth after they had seen the banners and flyers.

After several years of practice, I see nothing in my third eye and exhibit no supernatural capability. Yet, I hold a righteous thought, firmly believe in Dafa and Teacher and know that the arrangement of Teacher is certainly the best. I do not need to worry and just do what Teacher says. My cultivation status will be better and better and my path will be wider and wider.

My literacy level is not high and I do not normally write. Fellow practitioners have written about experience sharing articles and have noted that this type of sharing is about checking one's shortcoming and is an activity which can be used for improving in cultivation. Experience sharing articles also support the Dafa website and maintain the environment of group practice. It is for these reasons that I wrote this article. If there is any mistake, please compassionately point this out.