(Clearwisdom.net) In "Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts" Master told us how to turn the tables on the evildoers,

"When Dafa disciples have strong righteous thoughts and no fear, they can use righteous thoughts to turn the tables on the evildoers. Whether it's when the wicked policemen are using electric batons or when bad people are injecting drugs to persecute you, you can use your righteous thoughts to redirect the electric current or the drugs back to the person doing violence to you."

The following are some examples I gathered from experience sharing with fellow practitioners.

Example 1: A city government was planning to hold a brainwashing class. After sharing, some local Dafa practitioners were determined they would not only completely deny the evil brainwashing, but also send forth righteous thoughts to turn the tables on the evildoers and redirect the fear factors back to them; they should be afraid, not us. All the Dafa practitioners in the city sent forth righteous thoughts together. Several days later employees from the city's largest company went on strike and publicly protested the unfair treatment they received from the government. The government was totally shocked. After the strike was over, no one remembered the brainwashing class agenda.

Example 2: In a brainwashing class or a labor camp, one common way of torturing Dafa practitioners is to deprive practitioners of sleep for days. An older woman practitioner was deprived of sleep for six consecutive days and six nights, yet she was very energetic while all the people pressuring her collapsed. She had sent out strong righteous thoughts, redirecting the evil factors back to the evildoers. She thought, "I am not sleepy; you are sleepy, you are tired!"

Example 3: Suffering persecution for years, a Dafa practitioner accumulated quite some poisons in his body, including the toxic injections he was given in a mental hospital. Recently he realized that he should send forth righteous thoughts and redirect the poisons back to the persecutors. He felt much better after he sent out such righteous thoughts.

I noticed how some fellow practitioners were very afraid after suffering persecutions; some became very suspicious. If during peaceful cultivation we don't have the attachment to fear, it seems that these fears are forced upon us by the evils, also. These factors are also physical substances, and they were forced into our bodies. We should be able to redirect these fear factors back to the evil by sending forth righteous thoughts. This way the evil will be afraid! What are cultivators afraid of?

It will be even better if we could redirect such evil factors in groups. I suggest we include such a thought when we send forth righteous thoughts, especially to a local area.

The above opinions are my personal understanding, please kindly point out any mistakes.

March 24, 2006