(Clearwisdom.net) According to news reports from Qingdao City, Ms. Cui Luning, aged thirty-three, was illegally sentenced by the Li Cang District court to 5 years of imprisonment. Ms. Cui's family members managed to overcome intimidation and various other obstacles to appeal to the Qingdao Intermediate People's Court. It was reported that the Qingdao Intermediate Court has officially accepted the appeal and is about to begin a hearing.

Qingdao Dafa disciple Cui Luning was arrested at her workplace on September 21, 2005. She was sentenced by the Li Cang District Court. Throughout the hearing process, Cui Luning, her family members and attorney made a righteous defense for her innocence. Their presentation left the courtroom staff dumbfounded.

The presiding judges of the Li Cang District Court, Judge Liulin and others all knew well in advance that Cui Luning was innocent, that all the court evidence was full of loopholes and was insufficient to lay charges. On March 20, 2006, acting against their consciences, they sentenced Cui Luning to 5 years of imprisonment. As this judgment did not conform to proper legal procedures, Li Cang District Court refused to provide the judgment in writing to the family members. They created all sorts of obstacles to intimidate and prevent the family members and the attorney from representing the accused, to obstruct them from appealing to higher authorities against the illegal sentencing. The 610 Office and the Qingdao Judicial Bureau that normally work behind the scenes also came to the forefront, openly threatening and intimidating the attorney who represented the victims, coercing them to make changes to the defense statement, and at the same time, denying all law firms in Qingdao City their right to accept Falun Gong cases for appeal. It was an exposure of lawless behavior and evil tactics in the judicial court systems.

Cui Luning's family members managed to overcome various obstacles, threats and intimidation to appeal to the Qingdao Intermediate People's Court. At present, Qingdao's Intermediate Court has accepted the appeal and begun the appeal hearing process.

The following are the related phone numbers of the various departments and officials involved in the hearing and handling of this case.

Qingdao Intermediate Court, Main switchboard: 86-532-83881888
Ren Dao Liang, (Sentencing Court Judge for Court Room #1): 86-532-83881888Ext.6512, 86-532-83098074
Li Cang Court, Court #1 Sentencing Office: 86-532-87062822
Qingdao City Judicial Bureau/Department: 86-532-85912208
Judicial Bureau Attorney Administrative Office: 86-532-85711690
Li Cang Qu Judicial Bureau
Judicial Bureau Chief, Yang Xiao Jun: 86-532-87614959,
Assistant Commissioner, Gou Nai He: 86-532-87627517
Assistant Commissioner, Wang Peizhou: 86-532-87619516