(Clearwisdom.net) On February 3, 2005, police officers from the Meizhou City State Security Bureau and the Department of The State Protection of Meijiang District Local Police Station and agents from the Meizhou City 610 Office and the Meijiang District 610 Office once again illegally arrested Mr. Xie Hanzhu, Ms. Guo Yafen, Ms. Zhou Jinrong, Ms. Zhao Yumei, Ms. Zhong Suyun, Mr. Zhong Hanxiang, and other practitioners. At the Qinhuang Detention Center in Meizhou City, the guards severely tortured Mr. Xie Hanzhu, trying to force a confession from him. They feared that their crimes of torturing Mr. Xie might be publicly exposed, so they did not allow Mr. Xie's family to visit him until they had transferred him to the Meizhou Prison.

Because Mr. Xie had been brutally tortured, his body was extremely weak, yet, he still steadfastly practiced Falun Gong. When his parents saw him, he had almost recovered. He wrote down how he had been cruelly tortured during his imprisonment at the Qinhuang Detention Center in Meizhou City and asked a kind-hearted person to carry his statement out of the detention center.

In his statement entitled "File an Appeal," he wrote that from February 23 to 28, 2005, he was held at the Criminal Squad Team at Meijiang District Local Police Station on the third floor. Police guards Chen Zhidong, Tian Xuelong, Li Jianlu, Xue Qingwen, Huang Songfeng, and others brutally tortured him. Mr. Xie documented their methods:

"The guards tortured me, using an iron hammer to pound on my back through a stack of books. A person weighing 70-80 kilograms and wearing heavy boots jumped on my back. Under the severe torture and because of my serious internal injury, I was unable to bear any more. Against my will, I signed my name to the 'confession' paper. The other methods of torture they used on me were:

"1. Each day I was only allowed to have one meal, a 150 gram bowl of rice.

"2. The guards handcuffed my hands behind my back and to the metal water pipe on the wall. They did not allow me to sleep or close my eyes for five days and four nights in a row, until I "admitted" to so-called "facts" that the guards had written down.

"3. Officer Xue Qingwen handcuffed my palms together and tightened the handcuffs to the limit. Then, he bent my hands in opposite directions, while pinching my fingers very hard.

"4. Xue Qingwen punctured my hips with the toothpicks.

"5. Officers Li Jianlu, Chen Zhidong, and several others pushed me to squat down and forced my back against the back of a hard wooden chair. They handcuffed my hands to the seat. They pulled the cuffs hard, and then they put a hard wooden chair on my head and put a rattan chair on top of the hard wooden chair. They forced me to hold this position for a long time, which numbed my feet. They also placed an alarm close to my ears and turned up the volume to torture me. They did this until 2 a.m. Later, they shackled me to a metal pipe and did not allow me to sleep. At dawn, the day shift guards took turns interrogating me. Most of the time, officers Chen Hui and Huang Ruizhang (female) interrogated me and used threats.

"6. Chen Zhidong, Li Jianlu, and other officers handcuffed me behind my back, with one hand over my shoulder and the other wrapped around from behind. Then they used one end of a rope to tighten the handcuffs while pulling other end of the rope through ceiling metal pipe to hang me, calling it "hanging up an airplane." During this torture, I had unbearable pain in my shoulders and hands.

"7. Officers Li Jianlu, Chen Zhidong and several others pushed me to squat down and forced my back against the back of a hard wooden chair. They handcuffed me to the sitting area. One person suddenly pulled the handcuffs behind my back to my arms' limit, and causing my hands extreme pain. Then they beat my hands with a wooden rod so that my palms and fingers soon swelled and turned black and blue. Even today, my hands are still numb.

"8. Police guards Tian Xuelong, Huang Songfeng, Li Jianlu and others handcuffed me behind my back to the water pipe and placed a trash barrel filled with urine and dirty water right before me and then pushed my head into the barrel, forcing me to drink. When I tried hard to raise my head to avoid drinking, all of the guards present forced my head down. At the end of February, the weather was cold and rainy during all those days of torture. I was soaked and shivering. My hands became numb. The guards continued to torture me this way for two nights. Each night, they used up six big barrels of dirty water and urine.

"9. After Tian Xuelong and others forced me to drink the urine and dirty water in the barrels, a person weighing 70-80 kilograms (155 to 175 pounds) jumped on my back, causing serious injuries to my back, making me unable to squat for a long time. I still suffer from severe back pain.

"10. Officers Li Jianlu, Chen Zhidong, and several others pushed me to squat down and forced my back against the back of a hard wooden chair. They handcuffed my hands to the seat. After they looped a rope around my body and neck, they covered my eyes with a towel and tightly sealed my mouth with packing tape. Police inserted two lit cigarettes into my nostrils. The smoke entered into my lungs along with my breath.

"Next, they took out the cigarettes out of my nostrils and threatened me. They continuously tortured me by alternating these two methods. They went through 10 cigarettes in only one night. In one round, they left the cigarettes in my nostrils too long, and I fainted due to lack of oxygen. Then they splashed cold water on me to wake me up. They were afraid that I might die, so they untied the rope. I immediately fell. They pulled me up and handcuffed me behind my back to the water pipe. They still didn't allow me to sleep.

"11. After guards Chen Zhidong and the others forced me to squat down, Chen Zhidong used a large iron hammer to pound on my back through a stack of books, causing internal injuries and pain whenever I took a breath.

"12. Xue Qingwen, Tian Xuelong and others stomped on my toes with the heels of their shoes when I was wearing only slippers.

"From February 23 through 28, 2005, they interrogated me and used brutal tortures at the Meijiang District Local Police Station. There, against my will, I admitted to falsehoods. Those 'confessions' I made were under severe torture which I finally was unable to bear."