Dear Teacher Li,

Greetings! I am a farmer from the mountainous area of Hunan province. My family was under financial difficulty and my mother suffered from illnesses; she handled all the housework even with poor health. However, ever since my parents began learning Dafa in 1998, they restored their health. They were very determined in cultivation, which helped them overcome lots of obstacles and difficulties under your protection. With very strong will and faith in cultivation, my parents not only resisted vicious interference, but also cultivated good health and high morals. I am sure that these originated from your enormous mercy and sacred protection. Here, on behalf of my whole family, I'd like to express our whole-hearted gratitude to the Great Teacher.

My mother began practicing Falun Gong in 1998. She never went to school, but she could read the precious book Zhuan Falun with the guidance of Teacher's words and assistance from fellow practitioners. As her children, we all felt it was unbelievable that she could read a whole book like Zhuan Falun. Moreover, all her health problems were gone after cultivation. Therefore, we all supported their cultivation practice.

From the beginning of the persecution launched by Jiang's regime in July 1999, my parents went through torture in a forced labor camp, extortion and detention, because of their persistence in cultivation practice. Yet, they kept steadfast in cultivation.

In 2001, my mother suffered from serious illness on her way back to our grandmother's home. She could not move or speak, but still remained conscious the entire time. She needed to transfer buses, and all she could do was use her finger to point to the bus indicating "To Tongcheng." Good-hearted people helped her get on the transfer bus. Passengers on the bus were all astonished witnessing her crawling on the ground with an extremely weak body. The moment when she arrived at grandmother's home, all the relatives panicked and cried sadly because she was so weak and looked like a dying person. But my mother came to a while later. She told everybody that she was all right and all she needed was some rest. A few days later, she recovered completely by practicing gong and reading the Dafa books. It was so unbelievable, that our relatives were encouraged to begin learning Dafa.

In the year 2005, we wanted to celebrate our parents' 60th birthday by preparing a birthday dinner. At first, our parents did not approve our plan. On the next day of the celebration, my mother suffered from a stroke and could not get out of her bed for more than 10 days. Fortunately, she was protected by Teacher and supported by fellow practitioners. Like a miracle, she was back on her feet without seeing any doctor. Everything was back to normal except for her hearing ability. Up until now, she keeps reading and practicing the Falun Gong exercises every day with an upbeat spirit.

Dafa is really amazing! Due to my educational background, I do not know how to express my various feelings with limited words. Once again, all my family and relatives would like to sincerely thank Dafa and Respectable Teacher.

April 26 2006