(Clearwisdom.net) In order to put an end to the CCP's brutal crimes of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners and destroying the evidence, in order to call for conscience from people around the world, Falun Gong practitioners in Hamburg, Germany once again held an information day in the busy town center on 29th April 2006, reenacting the Chinese Communist Party's crime of stealing Falun Gong practitioners' organs.

In the beginning, because the practitioners who were going to do the reenactment had not all arrived, other practitioners did not start the live reenactment and only gave out leaflets. As this did not attract enough attention from the people passing by, a Western practitioner said that he could play the role of the doctor removing the organs. Very soon the operating table was set up. One practitioner lay on the table playing the victimized practitioner whose organs were removed, with a white sheet full of "blood stains" covering him. A "doctor" was standing next to him holding a model of an organ in one hand and blood-stained cash in the other.

People busily shopping slackened their paces involuntarily, staring dumbstruck at the "doctor" holding the organ and the money. People passing by understood immediately and took leaflets one by one or asked practitioners about what was happening. Some even furiously walked up to the "operating table" and interrogated the doctor, "what on earth are you doing!?"

Usually Germans are very sensitive about their children seeing bloody images. What was different was that in the crowd, there were quite a few families with children watching this shockingly gory scene. There was also a father who led his child by the hand close to the operating table, as if to tell him that such things should never again be allowed to happen.

Hamburg's famous Chinese artist Wei Shanshan came to express her support for Falun Gong practitioners. When talking about the CCP's brutality of organ harvesting, she told practitioners: "I've heard about cases of the CCP removing prisoners' cornea during the Cultural Revolution. Because he opposed the CCP's wicked theory that social status will always be the same because of birth and heritage, Yu Luoke's cornea were removed before he was executed. Another political prisoner, Li Wenlian, because she wrote in her diary during the Cultural Revolution that Chairman Mao also made mistakes and so on, her fiancé reported her and she was sentenced to death. Before she died she endured all kinds of torments and her kidney was removed. When my brother (famous political dissident and democracy activist Wei Jingsheng) was in prison in the 80's, he heard the prison guards say that now it was more advanced than before. In the past the prisoners had their organs removed in prison before they were dragged off to be shot. Now it was possible to execute the prisoner first and then take their organs. The Chinese authorities publicly announce thousands of cases of liver or kidney transplants every year, but have never revealed the sources of the organs. It is feared that most of the organs used in transplants come from prisoners, because donating organs has never been a part of Chinese culture."

Wei Shanshan reckons that these things are happening mainly because the Chinese people have completely lost their moral conscience after being brainwashed by the CCP: "On the internet I have seen that some people completely approve of the Chinese authorities' ideas, that harvesting organs from executed prisoners is only recycling raw materials. These people did not think in the slightest that these executed prisoners are also human beings, and also deserve basic human rights. Nor did they think that in order to make money and persecute political and religious prisoners, the CCP would remove organs from innocent people as well who are not death-row criminals and sell them for profit, before killing them. This has been substantiated by the recent exposure of the CCP's crimes of secretly harvesting Falun Gong practitioners' organs and selling them for profit."

On the topic of Wang Wenyi shouting at the White House, Wei Shanshan said that she highly respects and admires her, even though Wang Wenyi might have to make sacrifices because of this. For example she might never be able to enter the White House as a reporter again, but nevertheless it was worth it all. All you need to do is take a look at the Western media who are finally paying attention to the illegal harvesting of organs in China. Wei Shanshan also said: "We want the people of the West to know that the Chinese Communist government was not elected by our Chinese people, it cannot represent the Chinese people. If what the world saw during Hu Jintao's visit to America were only Chinese people welcoming him with red flags, then that really would be a disgrace and humiliation to our Chinese nation."

Another famous German scholar who speaks Chinese and wanted to keep his name anonymous told Falun Gong practitioners that three years ago he saw in the "Chinese Encyclopedia" edited by the Hamburg Asian Research Institute that China has the most advance organ transplant technology in the world. Right now there are about 8000 cases of kidney transplant every year. However this book did not mention the source of these organs at all. "This offends international rules of organ transplantation. According to the revealed evidence right now, it is very likely that these organs have come from non-death row criminals. Because even according to the Chinese Communist constitution, practicing Falun Gong isn't a crime. This is even more terrible than the Chinese authorities' previously announced statement that the organs used in transplants have been removed from death-row criminals. I hope that the Chinese Communist government could put a stop to this inhumane practice on organ harvesting. I also hope that the Asian Research Institute can make a proper explanation, report China's situation honestly and not mislead German readers. We should understand that friendship with the Chinese Communist regime does not necessarily mean being friendly with the Chinese people. Quite the opposite sometimes."