(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui website founded "The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG)" to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) seven-year persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. This investigation will make the Dafa practitioners both inside and outside China work as one body. As the main body of Dafa practitioners in China, how we think and act to keep up with the coming of the new Fa-rectification environment is very important. We must use the premise that every practitioner wants it to succeed, and it will definitely come true.

We are most familiar with the CCP's evil nature and its deceptive tricks. For example, during the SARS epidemic in China, the CCP transported SARS patients to deceive the World Health Organization (WHO). They also had coached common inmates to play the role of Dafa practitioners as a means of deception for the world.

The investigators' personal safety is another issue. This evil CCP gang is capable of anything and everything. We cannot let down our guard. We must act righteously and cooperate as a whole, to make this investigation happen quickly and end successfully, so as to achieve the goal of suffocating the evil and rescuing sentient beings. At this time we have the following suggestions:

(1) All practitioners who have been illegally detained in forced labor camps, drug rehabilitation centers, prisons and mental hospitals and other facilities write down what they saw and heard, and then provide the information to the Minghui website. The information provided should include in which divisions or patient rooms the practitioners were detained; how many practitioners were detained there; the practitioners' names, states of their health; tortures they have experienced; the names of the guards and the doctors and their titles, any hidden places or facilities used, such as torture rooms and torture tools. The more detailed, the better, even when you only know one or two individuals' names.

(2) Fellow practitioners take more care of the detained practitioners' family members; tell them the facts about the forced labor camps, prisons, underground concentration camps, and the removal of the detained practitioners' organs by the unscrupulous doctors. Practitioners also need to tell the families information about the establishment of the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution" and help them to establish their righteous thoughts. If conditions permit, the practitioners can accompany them to go to the prisons, labor camps and other places, to demand a meeting with the detained practitioners. Even if they are unable to see the detained practitioners, they should still confirm where the practitioners are detained; the process can be recorded as evidence.

(3) With reason and wisdom, pass the information about the establishment of the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution" to the detained practitioners; encourage them to firm their righteous thoughts, cooperate as a whole, and at the same time pay attention to the whereabouts of the fellow practitioners close to them.

(4) Suggest that when the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution" comes, we work closely to search for witnesses, evidence and other relevant information.

(5) Send more righteous thoughts to support the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution;" eliminate all interfering factors and disintegrate all communist specters, dark minions and rotten demons inside those evil dens where Dafa practitioners are illegally detained.

It is of critical importance for us to do well in this regard. All practitioners acting as one body in the human world can help to more effectively eradicate the evil factors and rescue sentient beings, and making the malicious persecution end in a complete failure. All Dafa practitioners in China should pay attention to this matter.