(Clearwisdom.net) When the death camp at Sujiatun was exposed, Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan, along with their followers, panicked. In order to hide their crimes against humanity, Luo Gan openly declared in a meeting of high-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members, "The simplest solution is to get rid of the evidence by killing the principle witnesses." This means that they plan to murder all of the witnesses and cremate the corpses, and they want it done right away.

I used to work at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing. From personal experience I believe that the CCP will definitely murder Falun Gong practitioners who could potentially be witnesses in the future.

First of all, the CCP never follows any legal process to arrest or deal with Falun Gong practitioners. They arrest or beat Falun Gong practitioners at will. This really is like what was said, "killing them is nothing: treat their deaths as suicide, no need to identify the bodies, immediately cremate them." After July 20, 1999, I was arrested four times by police from different police stations in Beijing, and illegally detained for more than 100 days. Every time that I was arrested, there was no legal process, no documentation or identification, no explanation, and no witnesses. Moreover, they did not inform my family or company of where I was being detained. This behavior is essentially kidnapping.

The situation with my wife, Liu Jinghang, is the same. On the evening of February 6, 2000, police from Haidian Police Station illegally arrested her. After a couple of days, I was told that she was transferred to the seventh department of the Beijing City Police Station. The reason given for her arrest was that she attended and organized a group appealing activity in Tiananmen Square on New Year's Eve. Jiang Zemin requested the police to fully investigate this activity. Since I didn't receive any notification from the seventh department, I went to a police station and asked them where my wife was imprisoned. They replied, "The reason for not giving you notification is that we don't want you to know her location. If you are allowed to visit her, you will be notified. Go back home and wait!" At the end of May 2000, a Falun Gong practitioner who was released from the detention center where my wife was imprisoned, told me the location of the center along with my wife's room number, and asked me to send some money and clothes to her because her situation was very bad. The next day, I went to the detention center of the seventh department, however, a security guard in the reception room denied that Liu Jinghang was imprisoned there. Furthermore, the guard even asked me where I obtained this information. I told the guard that I obtained the information from a Falun Gong practitioner who was recently released. The guard stopped me immediately, "You don't have to say anything more. Your wife is not jailed in here. Leave and don't come back. Otherwise, you might be involved!" Just like that, my visit was denied.

Secondly, the CCP never respects the basic human rights of Falun Gong practitioners. They don't stop defaming, torturing, and sexually attacking Falun Gong practitioners until practitioners are persecuted to death. Mei Yulan from Tun Town of Beijing, was force-fed to death by guards of Chaoyang District Detention Center. Zhao Xin, who was illegally imprisoned at the same detention center, (Haidian Detention Center) as me was tortured so badly that she had wounds covering her entire body. She passed away in a hospital and much evidence of the persecution was gathered by others regarding her case. In 2001, when I was arrested by the 610 Office and sent to a brainwashing session, I was 65 years old. The policemen used clothes to cover my entire head. Four or five people dragged me down to the first floor from the third floor and pushed me into a car. After a couple hours of traveling, I was nearly suffocated. Finally, I was sent to the Xin'an Women's Forced Labor Camp, the location of the brainwashing sessions. In the brainwashing center, the guards constantly used defamatory and physical punishments. They didn't allow me to rest or sleep for three consecutive days and nights. They pressed my body down, held my arms down, and forced my hand to "sign" a "transformation" statement. Ms. Wang Lei, who obtained a Master's degree from Beijing University, was imprisoned in the same brainwashing center as me. She painfully described how she was attacked by the "People's Police." Workers from the 610 Office said, however, "Why do you want to practice Falun Gong? If you don't practice Falun Gong, there won't be anything happening to you." This sounded the same as Jiang Zemin's words, "The punishment is well deserved!" This really is, "no measure is too excessive when dealing with Falun Gong."

Thirdly, Jiang and Luo's clique identified Falun Gong as the top class enemy and carried out the policy of, "defaming their reputations, bankrupting them financially and destroying them physically." The 610 Office has power over the government, and therefore forced people in the whole country to join in the persecution. They made Falun Gong practitioners victims of state-terrorism by using the principle of "keeping in line with the Party's Central Committee" and the regulations in the responsibility system, the rewards and penalties system and the implication system. Therefore, the police dare to rape Falun Gong practitioners in broad daylight. The doctors who were supposed to heal the wounded and rescue the dying became the killers torturing Falun Gong practitioners to death. Even appeals became evidence for the judicial system to sentence and punish Falun Gong practitioners. The 610 Office also took advantage of Falun Gong practitioners' goodness of being considerate to others under any circumstance, and labeled those detained practitioners who went to Beijing and appealed with temporary numbers and ordered: "destroyed them physically." Such policies and government machinery forms the background of Jiang and Luo clique's concentrated effort to torture and kill Falun Gong practitioners.

In February and March of 2000, I was illegally detained in the Haidian Detention Center for 38 days. The detention center did not have any basis for charging me but made the decision to release me while I awaited an illegal trial. In April 2000, I went to the Yayun Village Police Station and asked them to free me from "waiting for a trial," but one official said, "Cracking down on Falun Gong has become the top priority of the whole country. Is it unjust that we detained you for several days, released you on bail and make you to wait for a trial?" He also said, "I can tell you that the upper authorities permit us to violate the law when we handle issues related to Falun Gong. It would not be considered beyond the limit no matter how we treat Falun Gong practitioners. If you have the ability, you can go and charge us." Another one said, "We know Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. If you are not good, you cannot practice Falun Gong. But we belong to the government machinery, and we have to follow Jiang Zemin's orders. If he says coal is white, we would dare to say it is black. He ordered us to suppress Falun Gong, and we have to follow the order."

I went to Beijing Politics and Law University and sought legal aid. The staff in the law office said, "The authorities do not allow us to accept any case related to Falun Gong. If we do, our business license will be withdrawn. Who would dare to disobey their orders? Even if we agree to help you, we are not allowed to put forth an innocent defense for you. It is a rigid rule from the 610 Office. You are just wasting your money if you ask an attorney for help."

Orders related to the suppression of Falun Gong were seldom delivered in the form of "classified documents." They were mostly delivered in the form of, "Jiang's important lectures," "leading cadre's instructions" or "the authorities' spirit." All orders were passed down secretly from upper levels to lower levels. Even the officials in charge of passing down the messages were required to understand the spirit of the message and use their own words to convey the order, and the officials receiving the orders are not allowed to record or make notes. It is enough as long as they knew what to do and how to do it. All of these acts show that Jiang and Luo's clique suppresses Falun Gong with schemes and intrigues. They know that they have committed monstrous inhuman crimes, and they are afraid that the evidence will be exposed. Recently, they started making a concentrated effort to destroy the relevant evidence, especially the witnesses who were once persecuted.

After the Sujiatun case was exposed, the CCP created a document called the "provisional regulation on the application and administration of human organs" in a hurry, but set the effective date at July 1, a full three months later. This leaves sufficient time for them to kill the witnesses and destroy the evidence. The CCP is making efforts to torture and kill Falun Gong practitioners in the labor camps and concentration camps all over the country. Therefore, I call on all kind people to take action immediately, to go to Mainland China to investigate the facts, to uphold justice in any way possible, and to help to stop the CCP's massive slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners! It is not only for Falun Gong, but also for all human beings to fulfill the promise of "never again," and to aspire to a wonderful future.