(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in 1997. After July 20, 1999, when Jiang and the Chinese Communist Party started to openly persecute Falun Gong, I suffered many tribulations, and was constantly brutally persecuted by vicious Party members. The following facts mainly expose the inhumane persecution that I and other practitioners endured at the Shayang Forced Labor Camp and Baofenglu Women's Jail in Wuhan.

On January 15, 2000, several practitioners and I were studying the Fa at my home. Police officers Chen Shumin, Zhou Youhua and some other people broke into my house and arrested me and three other practitioners. In Huanggang Detention Center, another practitioner and I were shackled, chained and beaten by a police officer surnamed Lei. Three months later I was sent to the Shizishan Forced Labor Camp in Wuhan for a one-year term.

In the Shizishan Forced Labor Camp, our dignity was severely damaged. After we entered the gate, drug addict criminals undressed us. All of our clothes were searched. Later the authorities forced us to do drills in the scorching heat of the sun, in a temperature of 40º C (104º F), and forced us to stand in the sun for the entire day.

Because I still refused to renounce Falun Dafa, about two months later I was sent to No. 9 Brigade of Shayang Forced Labor Camp. In early 2001, a police officer surnamed Gong extended my term by six months and sent me to the No. 2 Brigade (the so called "strict surveillance brigade") because another practitioner and I did the exercises.

After July 1, 2001, the lawless police tried to brainwash me. Since I didn't cooperate, they forced me to run in the baking sun. In the evenings, they forced me to stand facing the wall in the police office. Sometimes a police officer surnamed Wang forced me to put my head against the wall, with both feet together, and my body bent over. They forced me to stand this way until 1:00 a.m. A police officer surnamed Zhao extended my term by another six months because I refused to sing a certain song that they make practitioners sing as a form of mental torture, and instead I called out to praise Falun Dafa. The two extensions added up to one year.

In October 2002, less than one year after I was set free from the forced labor camp, I was again sentenced to a three-year term and was sent to the No. 4 subdivision, No. 4 division of Baofenglu Women's Prison in Wuhan.

Once I was there, what I faced was brainwashing and slave labor. I was forced to recite the prison regulations and to copy slanderous propaganda about Falun Dafa. In addition, I had to finish the forced labor tasks. During first several days, they tried to brainwash me in the morning, and forced me to do the extra work in the afternoon. Later, it gradually became that I started to work at 8:00 p.m. and had to finish the work for the entire day.

Seeing that Jiang Chunxi alone couldn't "transform" me, the police then assigned criminal Wang Humin, and four collaborators to persecute me. They persecuted me more and more severely day after day. In addition, my physical health suffered as result of the persecution. Only two days after I was transferred to the brigade, I started to lose hair constantly. My hair also turned white. The tips of my fingers and toes were so painful, it was as if something was piercing them. My whole body felt so unwell as if it was wrapped in an iron sheet. I did not even have the energy to wash my face or my clothes.

The prison authorities persecute Dafa practitioners with all sorts of methods. For example, not only did we have to finish the huge amount of basic workload of slave labor, we were also forced to tie the "Chinese knot" if we refused to do the camp exercises. Each of us was forced to tie 100 knots in the morning and in the afternoon. If we refused to do the drill, we were then forced to tie 200 knots. If we didn't say "report" when entering their offices, we were forced to tie 200 knots. If a police officer came into the cell and we didn't stand up to salute him, we were forced to tie 100 knots. If two police officers came and we didn't stand up, we were forced to tie 200 knots, and so on. At some point around July or August, my extra workload in one day was added up to 1,200 "Chinese knots," which needed to be contained in a knitting bag after a few days' work. The next morning however, I was prohibited from knitting. Instead, I was forced to undergo brainwashing by listening to a criminal read slanderous propaganda. They did not let me start the work until 2:00 p.m. Facing so much work, I could only stay up all night. Sometimes, I was forced to keep standing, and sometimes I was forced to stay seated. Even in the hot summer, they didn't let me have a rest. I was so tired that quite often I was unable to operate the tools. My eyes wouldn't stay open. Sometimes, I fell asleep while still standing and the criminal Zhang Qing would then pull or push my back or kick me. One time, I was forced to stand as punishment for nine days in a hall.

Even when I was about to be released, the authorities didn't stop persecuting me. In the morning on the day before I left, they ordered me to fill out two forms. I had no idea about the names of the forms and only saw things like "The prison authorities have never deprived Falun Gong practitioners of sleep," "Police officers didn't extort even a cent from practitioners released on probation," and so on. Whatever the prison authorities had done to practitioners, the forms stated that they had not done it. When Liu Shuzhen saw that I refused to cooperate, she asked three prisoners to fill out the forms assuming my name. Then they held my hand and forced me to press my fingerprints on them. In the afternoon, I wrote a Solemn Declaration, stating that the forms were invalid. I also wrote an article to disclose their dirty deeds. I am living proof of their persecution. Not only was I often deprived of sleep, but I also suffered all sorts of tortures. Now instead, they asked me to give false witness. They are both sinister and depraved. Under my insistence, the police had to give me the two forms and let me tear them up.

This was only a tiny part of the persecution I have suffered in last six years.