(Clearwisdom.net) The detention center at Yuanbao Mountainous Area, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is one of the places where Dafa practitioners are persecuted. Numerous Dafa practitioners were imprisoned there, however practitioners also saved many lives there.

In 2000, a female death row inmate from Xilutian, Yuanbao Mountainous Area was enlightened by Dafa practitioners' persistence in truth and spirit with great forbearance and compassion. She studied the Fa and practiced the exercises with practitioners in the detention center. She felt very regretful that she had not obtained the Fa earlier. She said, "If I had obtained the Fa earlier, I would have been able to tolerate my husband's abuses and I would not have killed him." She was together with Dafa practitioners from morning until night and established karmic relationships with them. She learned that the purpose of a human life was to obtain Dafa. She came to understand many principles including the universal principle that good is rewarded with good and evil will meet with evil.

On her day of execution, some people cried. She said, "Please don't cry. I committed the crime of killing in this life and I must pay it back. But my true life has obtained Dafa. Would you say that I will really die? I will have a chance to cultivate Dafa in my next life. You take good care of yourselves!"

On that day, she cleaned herself and put on new clothes that Dafa practitioners gave her. She walked out of her cell in peace. The police who witnessed this said, "When death row inmates wait for execution, they are all filled with desperation and fear. But her tranquility really let me feel the power of Falun Dafa. She kept reciting something on her way to the execution grounds. When asked what she was reciting, she said that she was reciting the Fa."

Dafa can bring the criminals back to the right path, and bring people's moral standards up again. If a person has Dafa in his heart, would he commit a crime? All beings, please treasure this golden opportunity.