(Clearwisdom.net) Each day has 86,400 seconds. No one has one second more or one second less. While we sigh about time passing by too fast, do we cherish and properly use every second? It is important that as Falun Dafa practitioners we properly manage our time during Fa-rectification. Although we may have limited time, we must do the three things well that Teacher has asked of us. We can waste a lot of time unknowingly because we still have human notions and various interferences. Wasting time occurs when we do not clarify the goals of our work, fail to prioritize, do not finish our work, lack perseverance, do things hesitantly, and continue to want to have fun and be lazy. For a long time, I couldn't do the three things well because I didn't properly arrange my time.

One day, I saw an article in a magazine entitled, "Six-Priority Rules for Work." The article asked readers to prioritize six things they had to do every day. One was encouraged to try to accomplish priority number one first and then move on to the other priorities one by one until finished. A very efficient person is one who tries their best to finish the identified six most important things every day.

This time management method enlightened me greatly. I discovered that I didn't have a clear goal of how to spend my time every day and delayed the most important things rather than putting forth the necessary effort. Trivial things in everyday life distracted me from doing the most important "three things." I would only do one or two of the three things. Interference kept emerging and even caused an attachment of anxiety.

On many occasions, Teacher has mentioned the importance of the three things in his lectures, and asked practitioners to arrange their time properly. So how do we arrange our time on our path of cultivation in the future? Shouldn't we develop a "three-priority rule" and place "doing the three things well" as our first priority? This is fundamental on the path of being a practitioner! Studying the Fa well is the first thing that we should make all attempts to do. The second thing is to send righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference and damage from various evil elements in other dimensions. A survey in the USA showed that one experiences interference every eight minutes, and each episode lasts five minutes. About 50% to 800f the interference is meaningless or of little value. Teacher instructs us to use five minutes to clear interference from our own fields and outside dimensions before sending righteous thoughts. This is extremely important because if we do not clear away the interference, we will be wasting our time. We will be prevented from remaining calm and validating the Fa. As for the deeper meaning and the effects of sending righteous thoughts in other dimensions, I will not repeat it here. Hence, we need to do the second thing diligently. The third thing is to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. This is also something that we have to do persistently without slacking off.

Dafa practitioners must finish the three things first as a top priority every day, and then use the rest of the time to perform the daily routine. We should make sure to know our top priority and have clear goals. We will then be using our time properly to accomplish our vows made long ago.