Local Police Officer Quits the Chinese Communist Party

Last year, soon after getting out of a labor camp, I joined a reunion party with some former fellow retired army veterans. I talked at the dinner table with one who had been a local police officer for a very long time. I told him to treat Dafa disciples kindly, and not to persecute Dafa disciples. I told him how the police in the labor camp - the law-enforcement agents - broke the law themselves to persecute Dafa disciples. At the same time, I told him all the things that the public security system was doing to Dafa disciples in order to carry out the instructions from Jiang and Luo, for example, the tracking, monitoring, ransacking of personal property, illegal arrest, fines, extortion of confession by torture, detention, sending to labor camps and sentencing of Dafa disciples, and so on - all are illegal activities. The police themselves are the victims too. Jiang and Luo were leading them to their destruction. All the "achievements" of those police who persecute Falun Gong today will be persecution evidence tomorrow. I told him to withdraw from the party, not to become a scapegoat for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and to choose a bright future for himself. He said, "There are often Dafa disciples who make phone calls to me, telling me to treat Dafa disciples well and to quit the CCP." I told him, "The Dafa disciples all have good intentions, and what they are saying is truly good for you."

On March 17 this year, when I saw the policeman again, I told him, "Please do think seriously about the issues I discussed with you last year." He told me instantly, "I've already quit the party." With a little suspicion, I asked him, "Have you really withdrawn?" He said, "I did really quit." After hearing that, I was really happy and relieved for him in my heart.

Counting the relatives and friends near me, I found that there were five judiciary policemen, one public security policeman, one head of a guard department, and five public security patrols, who quit the Chinese Communist Party after understanding the truth. They have chosen a glorious future for themselves.

A Village Party Secretary who Protected Dafa Disciples was Saved in a Deadly Accident

On July 20, 1999 when the CCP launched its irrational persecution of Falun Gong, there was a village head in a village at Laizhou in Shandong Province. The local police often went to the village to ask him, "Is there anyone in your village who practices Falun Gong?" The village head knew that there were some Dafa disciples in his village, but he always rejected the police and kept them at bay.

In recent years, after Dafa disciples have clarified the truth to him many times, he gained a deeper understanding about Dafa and has quit the CCP.

On the 8th day of the 1st lunar month in 2006, when the village head visited his relatives, he told everybody the truth about Falun Gong at the dinner table. While riding his motorcycle back home from the relative's house, a big vehicle hit him. He was thrown more than 20 meters together with his motorcycle. At the time, all the people behind him said this person was done for. But after they approached him to have a look, they saw that the motorcycle was damaged, yet he was all right except for a little scratch on his skin.

"Even the Dogs Know Not to Bite Good People"

One day, some relatives and friends got together and chatted. In the middle of the talk, they talked about Falun Gong. Many people were very angry about the CCP's taking such brutal measures to persecute Falun Gong.

Lao Li said very excitedly, "I have two dogs. As long as people pass by in front of the door of my house, the two dogs will rush to the entrance and nip at them. The only exception is Falun Gong practitioners who are distributing truth-clarification materials. Sometimes they put the materials at the entrance and sometimes they slip them into the courtyard through the gap of the door. The two dogs not only hear them, they also see them, but the dogs will not make a sound. It is like this every time. Don't you think it's strange?"

Lao Liu then said, "It's true. The geese at my house are also like this. They never make noises nor nip when Falun Gong practitioners deliver truth-clarification materials."

Lao Gao said, "Even dogs can recognize who is good and who is bad." Lao Zhang said indignantly, "Even a dog can recognize that Falun Gong people are all good people, but Jiang Zemin's group still persecutes these good people."