(Clearwisdom.net) After I read an article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website about establishing a truth clarification materials site at home, I realized its importance and its effect in truth clarification and saving sentient beings. Therefore, I established a materials production site at home.

I had never learned how to use a computer or printer. As a result, I felt disconnected from these types of machines as they were so mysterious to me and I had an attachment of fear. After continuously studying the Fa, I was able to gradually break through all the barriers in my thinking and became more determined to establish a materials production site.

I first began to gain some basic computer knowledge on my own before asking other practitioners to teach me. I then mastered how to go online and download Falun Dafa materials. Later, I bought a printer, a photocopier, and other necessities like staplers, paper and ink. When I made my first truth-clarification material, I was overjoyed. From that day on, there was a reliable source of truth-clarification materials.

Over the past year, I have learned that although it is important that I learn the basic skills and security measures to run the materials production site well, it is more important that I study the Fa well and have righteous thoughts, not human notions. The main reason I am able to safely operate this materials site is because of my steadfast righteous thoughts under the guidance of the Fa. Every time I am faced with disturbances and threatened by damages from the evil, I pass each tribulation and deny all arrangements of the old forces with wisdom given to me by the Fa and strong righteous thoughts.

One time when the printer broke down, I still sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference while I used my technical skills to fix it. As Fa-rectification practitioners, when our hearts are not pure or calm enough and our thoughts not righteous, the evil can then take advantage of our loopholes and cause interference. For example, whenever my attachments surfaced, my heart was not pure enough, I was in a hurry to finish a task, or I did not study the Fa enough, a lot of mistakes occurred. For example, there would be a mistake in the printed text, a paper would get jammed, or something would happen to the ink cartridge. This would waste paper and time. Now, before printing or photocopying, with strong righteous thoughts and reminding myself that I am doing the noblest task, I am able to deny and eliminate any unrighteous thoughts from my mind. I realize that when I do this, fewer issues arise and operations are smoother. I also send forth righteous thoughts before going online so that things go smoothly and safely.

When I make truth-clarification materials, it is important that my heart is righteous and I am patient when faced with difficulties or problems. Nor should I be zealous or have a show-off mentality when things go smoothly or I have had some success. If I do, it is easy for the evil to take advantage and cause unnecessary losses. As long as we study the Fa well and use the Fa to guide our righteous thoughts and actions, we can definitely walk our path properly and eliminate any evil interference. I believe that as long as there is Teacher and the Fa, our small-scale truth-clarification materials production site will improve and mature.

The above are my experiences. Please kindly point out any inadequacies.

March 15, 2006