(Clearwisdom.net) Some time ago I attended a driving school. On registration day, a driver took me and three other people for a physical examination. On the way I clarified the truth to each of them, and told them they should quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations. Later, as I met different people at the driving school, I clarified the truth to them, including the instructors. As a result several people have indeed quit the CCP.

About a month later we went out for our road tests. That morning dozens of people took a big bus to the testing site. Since there weren't enough seats, another girl and I sat on the engine cover in the front of the bus. I wondered if I could clarify the truth and how to approach it, since there were so many people on the bus. Then the girl beside me asked me where I worked. This was my chance, and since she had spoken to me first, it wouldn't be right if I didn't clarify the truth.

First I told her where I worked, and then I told her how my work unit wouldn't allow me to come to work. Surprisingly, we found we worked at the same unit. Naturally, she asked me why I wasn't being allowed to work. I told her it was because I practice Falun Gong. The driver and many of the other people looked at me curiously, and I could tell they were listening intently. I told them how I'd almost died in a forced labor camp, how my heart rate had once been up to 130 to 140 beats per minute because the guards had shocked me with electric batons, and how when my parents had come to visit me the guards had said, "We can't be held responsible, even if she dies. The government has set the death quota at four people per year." After I told them this, many of the people began to realize how terrifying the evil party is.

Then I told them in detail about the torture I had experienced. In the winter the guards had shackled me to a death bed, opened a window to the freezing cold, and brutally force-fed me. At that time, a boy walked up from the rear of the bus to listen.

I also shared with them some of the ancient prophecies, and asked them to quit the CCP quickly. I told them I could help them make their declarations to quit the party if they didn't have Internet access. At first the girl beside me was saying, "It's enough as long as I can have a good life." But after she thought over, she said, "It would be good for me to quit the CCP." She told me she was a party member but she didn't have a good impression of the party, and had therefore decided to quit.

I told them about the farmers' suffering, the workers' unemployment, the evil party's corruption and tyranny, how the communist governments around the world have disintegrated one after the other, and how the CCP would definitely share their fate. Some people sympathized with the farmers. Some of the workers told me that their leaders were paid bigger and bigger salaries, while the workers were paid less and less. In the beginning the driver said he believed that what the party did was none of his business. I told him that the dictatorial system was in decline, and its undoing would severely damage the economy. He admitted he was worried about China's future. I told him that it wasn't China, but the CCP that would collapse. He said, "Yes, just like the former Soviet Union."

Many of the people showed their support, which greatly encouraged me, and a policeman who was also taking the driving test sat in the middle of the bus. I thought he should be allowed to hear voices saying things he'd never heard before.

That was the first time I clarified the truth in front of so many people, and I was very glad. At the time I had no fear, I just knew I couldn't let those people miss their opportunity, and I had to let them know the truth. I knew if I did, the environment would become better.

I think we all need to study the Fa well and follow Master's instructions. We will then naturally do well clarifying the truth.

March 20, 2006