(Clearwisdom.net) I recently saw manifestations of the immense force of Fa-rectification moving from the microcosm toward the surface. I saw this with my celestial eye. The evil was clearly eliminated immediately in a very large dimension when the Gong reached them. The evil that the Gong hasn't reached yet is still doing everything numbly. Some of them are very frightened. Some of them turned into good lives and flew away.

For the Dafa disciples who do the three things well, their Gong increased very rapidly, and their worlds are very clear and beautiful. Their sentient beings respect them very much from the heart. Their original bodies were covered with lotus flowers and Faluns.

But for the practitioners who use any excuse not to step forward, or try to find excuses for their own attachments of fear and selfishness and did not do the three things well, their worlds looked very dark. Many sentient beings were weeded out. The sentient beings that haven't been weeded out are also very disappointed and listless.

For the people who caused damage and interference to Dafa disciples, their worlds are full of evil factors. For the people who caused severe damage, evil has a vicious stronghold on their worlds (including their original bodies). Many original sentient beings in their world were killed by the evil beings. The rest of the sentient beings are helpless and hope their Lord's main consciousness can become dominant and assimilate to Dafa.

For those who are CCP spies or who consciously provide information to the CCP and betrayed Dafa disciples, their bodies in other dimensions were destroyed one by one after the publication of Master's article "Eliminating the Evil". Their bones in other dimensions turned to powder. Their blood and flesh turned into bloody pus. For those who have committed the most heinous crimes against Dafa, their bodies only have the superficial body left. Their bodies in other dimensions were eliminated immediately, and their surface bodies are also receiving punishment according to heaven's law. Dafa is the fundamental law of the cosmos. No one is fit to put Dafa through tests and interfere with Dafa. Anyone who persecutes Dafa and interferes with Dafa will be eliminated.

For our Dafa disciples, we should take the righteous path in all things. We cannot go to extremes. From other dimensions, any extreme will not reach the goal of saving sentient beings and settling karmic relationships in different levels with benevolent solutions. The evil will also take advantage of our gaps to destroy sentient beings. We must pay attention to this. Moreover, if we cannot do things well at home, we will give ordinary people a very bad impression. And home itself is also a real environment where we should cultivate well. If we can not do well, it will be a big loss for the sentient beings in our worlds. When the Gods in other dimensions saw this, they all sighed and felt regret for us.

I also saw that if practitioners did not take the righteous path with regard to the relationship between members of the opposite sex and made mistakes that should never happen to practitioners, their Gong column will reduce in half immediately. Their worlds are collapsing. Many sentient beings will be destroyed and their world will be dark and hopeless. As a practitioner, we should never make such a mistake. This kind of mistake undermines Dafa. It is destroying Dafa! Because of Dafa's mercy, many practitioners who had made the mistake, but thoroughly rectified it and took the righteous path in cultivation, their Gong increased rapidly back to normal. Dafa is also mighty and solemn. For the people who made the mistake but still take Master's compassion as a trivial thing and still continue doing this kind of thing, they are despised by humans and Gods, and they have already fallen into hell. Their superficial bodies also receive karmic retribution. Heaven's law does not allow it to be blasphemed, even though Master gives these people chances again and again.

Today, the path Dafa disciples walk is like footprints engraved in stone. It will leave behind a testimony and reference for humanity and for the future. How to take the righteous path? How to be truly worthy of the solemn and sacred title of Fa-rectification Dafa disciple? It depends on how we choose our path!

February 17, 2006