I have a relative who worked as a teacher at a school in Xiangcheng, Henan province. One day in the summer of 2005, she went to Zhoukou to handle some business. She bought a pair of trousers at a clothing store and spent 150 yuan. The young saleswoman wrapped the trousers and gave them to her. She took the pair of trousers and then left. After returning home she found that there was an extra pair of trousers. The boss may well ask the saleswoman to pay for the trousers, and could lose half a month's salary. She thought "I am a Falun Gong practitioner and Master requires us to think of others first. I should not have what I'm not supposed to have. I must return the trousers and not let that saleswoman worry about it." Later she thought, "Nothing is a coincidence. Why did I encounter this?" Then she suddenly realized that because so many people were buying clothes at the time, she did not have a chance to clarify the truth to the saleswoman. Maybe Master arranged this opportunity for her to be saved. She had to make the best use of time to return the clothing and clarify the truth.

The next day she did not go because she had urgent thing to deal with. The following morning, she made an appointment with another practitioner to take a bus together to Zhoukou. It was the hottest time of the year and the temperature was over 38 degrees Celsius. They traveled more than thirty kilometers and transferred at Zhoukou. After getting off the bus they walked several hundred meters and they were soaked in sweat. They rushed to the clothing store and explained all the details then handed the trousers to the saleswoman. The saleswoman was so moved that she burst into tears. She said: "Thank you! Thank you!" My relative said: "Don't thank me. You should thank my Teacher. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and my Teacher taught me to do so." Then one of the two Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts and another clarified the truth to the saleswoman. Finally she understood completely and she quit the Youth League happily. She said: "I'd like to thank you. I believe what you've said. I'll never forget this in all my life. I'll tell all my relatives, classmates and friends that Falun Dafa is good and ask them to withdraw from the CCP, Youth League, and the Young Pioneers to be safe."

February 14, 2006