(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ma Chunli from Dehui City in Jilin Province was illegally arrested and persecuted. Agents came from the Dehui City 610 Office and the State Security Brigade and sentenced her to six years in prison. Her physical condition deteriorated badly due to long-term persecution. Because of her poor health, the prison declined to accept her. Then she was transferred for treatment to the hospital affiliated with the province police department. The hospital refused to accept her, considering her health beyond cure. But the persecutors continued to keep her in the Dehui City Detention Center despite her health condition. Fourteen months have passed since her arrest. The following is her story:

Ms. Ma Chunli, thirty-five years old, worked for the Dehui City Water Conservancy Department. Prior to practicing Falun Gong, she suffered from breast cancer. All attempts to cure the cancer had been futile. She started to learn Falun Dafa in 1997 and recovered quickly. To allow more people to benefit from Falun Dafa, Ms. Ma Chunli had been validating the healing power of Dafa to others through her own experience.

Since July 20, 1999, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), under the direction of Jiang Zemin's political regime, flagrantly launched the persecution of Falun Gong, Ms. Ma Chunli was arrested five times. Incarceration, gross abuse and mistreatment brought her near death a few times. On December 14, 2004, policeman Ge Xuquan and others from the State Security Brigade at the Dehui City Police Department arrested Ma Chunli again while she was walking along a road. Later they tortured her to make a confession. After that, they sent her to the Dehui City Detention Center and continued to persecute, mistreat and abuse her.

Ms. Ma Chunli started a hunger strike to protest their actions. The detention center villains subjected her to all kinds of violent methods: a torture called the "Stretching Bed," (1) handcuffed and hung up, tied up with ropes, beatings, violently force-feeding in which the perpetrators pried her teeth open with a tool and all kinds of other evil tactics they could dream up. Ms. Ma Chunli has been on hunger strike for one year and two months. She was at death's door several times. Each time, the officials sent her to the Dehui City Hospital for emergency treatment. Ms. Ma Chunli has been tortured to the point of looking like a skeleton and she weighs only fifty Jin (55 lbs). She could die at any time.

Ms. Ma's husband Sun Qian was sentenced to twelve years in prison for practicing Falun Dafa. Their seven-year-old child was left home alone. The child had to eventually be placed in foster care. In spite of this, personnel from the Dehui City Police department, together with those from the City Procuratorate and the City Court framed Ms. Ma and fabricated charges to sentence her to six years in prison. Because Ms. Ma was in critical condition, the prison refused to accept her. The hospital affiliated with the police department considered her physical condition incurable and also refused to accept her. Nevertheless, the vicious CCP officials continued to keep her in the Dehui City Detention Center.

According to the law, after Ms. Ma Chunli was sentenced to prison her family should have been permitted to visit her. The detention center authorities deliberately ignored this and forbade a family visit, saying it was a decision by their upper level authorities. The Dehui City Court ignored human rights and issued a so-called "decision not to allow the sentence to be served outside of the prison." The lawless CCP officials not only persecute the good people in society, but at the same time they slander practitioners by accusing them of not caring for their families, having ulterior political motives, and disturbing social order.

After Ms. Ma was arrested, a policeman said openly, "Isn't she Mr. Ma's daughter? This time we'll make him go flat broke."

Here we appeal to all righteous people around the world and to the international human rights organization to concern themselves with Ms. Ma's condition. We will update reports on her situation.

People and organizations responsible:

The Dehui City Communist Party Committee:

Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee: Zhou Hongwu 86-431-7237559 (Office) 86-431-7219988 (Home) 86-13943121016 or 86-13904397518 (Cell)

Head of the "610 Office": Li Yuke; 86-431-7234600 (Office) 86-13943021087 (Cell)

The Dehui City Police Department:

Head: Zhang Guochen 86-431-7222192 (Office) 86-431-3209999 (Home) 86-13943101001 (Cell)

Chief of the Political and Security Department Zhao Yujie; 86-431-7222053 (Office) 86-431-7224923 (Home) 86-13504397188 (Cell)

Head of State Security Brigade Zhang Qingchun; 86-431-7222053 (Office) 86-431-7264567 (Home) 86-13630545335 (Cell)

The Dehui City Detention Center:
Entrance Guard: 86-431-7275375
Superintendent: Ding Richao 86-431-7273438 (Office) 86-431-8225551(cell)
Vice Superintendent: Liu Yuhu 86-13086827618 (Cell)
Prison Doctor: Li Yazhou 86-431-8225552 (Cell)

The Dehui City Procuratorate:
Superintendent: Zhang Hongshan 86-431-7272885 (Office) 86-431-7279888 (Home) 86-13904393999 (Cell)
Section 2, Procuratorate: Sun Yongchao: 86-431-7272884 extension: 417

The Dehui City Court:
Dean: Zhao Hongtian 86-431-7223401 (Office) 86-431-7212111 (Home) 86-13904397689 or 86-13578816699 (Cell)
Deputy Dean: Sheng Yuzhong 86-431-7223140 (Office) 86-431-7279608 (home) 86-13904392377 or 86-13943121377 (Cell)

Officer in the Administration Office: Wang Jisheng 86-431-7267836 (Home) 86-13844929038 (Cell)
Vice Officer: Han Fengyun 86-431-7226455 (Office) 86-431-7239640 (Home)


(1) "Stretching bed": A torture method in which they tie the four limbs of the victim to a special bed, with four rings attached to the corners. They fix a practitioner's hands and feet to the rings, and put force on the rings. Then the practitioner's body is lifted up, stretching the four limbs, until the joints, muscles, flesh, and skin separate. It is comparable to being 'drawn and quartered' and extremely painful. The victim loses consciousness in a few seconds. After several minutes of this torture, the four limbs are disabled and the victim is unable to even crawl or to put on clothes.