(Clearwisdom.net) I remember from previous Fa study that Teacher said that viewed from a larger scope, Buddhas protect human beings. When studying Teacher's newly published articles, I understood how this was true. I came to realize that lives without protection from high levels are miserable. Not abiding by the requirements of the Fa at different levels is truly a pity. Human beings who do not follow moral rules are doomed. It is extremely sad to see a life deceived by false laws and evil give up thinking for themselves because of selfishness. They gave up the opportunities that Teacher gave them and continued to do bad deeds. Teacher bore a lot for them in order to give them those opportunities to cultivate and be saved, yet they completely gave up their future. I ask these lives, why can't you find your true selves with dignity? Did you come here only to be the tools of the evil party and the slaves of their evil theory? One thought can decide whether you choose good or evil. When you are faced with a choice between your conscience or your physical comfort or interests, it is a test for you. You shouldn't care about physical losses and gains. A person with wisdom should always choose conscience, since such a heart is priceless and only such a heart can bring you true happiness and a bright future.

From the perspective of cultivation, I came to clearly know that the persecution is not a persecution of everyday people. As Dafa practitioners, we need to essentially change our notions. We need to drop our attachments to fear so that we won't be so easily driven by society and we won't approach things based on everyday logic. At any time and in any place, we need to be determined, compassionate, harmonious, and have no omissions. That is how gods act. Then we are acting according to the trends of the cosmos, spoken about by Teacher:

"If gods don't want something done, nobody will be able to do it, regardless of whether human beings think of it as a good thing. And with those things that gods do want done, the actions of human beings are merely part of the playing out of karmic retribution." (Eliminating the Evil)

Of course, what Teacher said here has more profound meanings. I was just trying to understand it from the perspective of the state that a Dafa practitioner should achieve from our cultivation.

Recently, I have felt that all of the pressures and fears we experience have their roots in other dimensions. The evil elements tried to take advantage of my attachments in order to control me. We should immediately send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them instead of following their "hints." When I wasn't diligent with Fa study and practicing the exercises, my power to restrain and disintegrate the evil would be so insufficient that I wouldn't be able to maintain a compassionate heart while determinedly trying to reach the state of eliminating the evil. If I didn't study the Fa for one day, I would get a lot of interference and miss the time to send forth righteous thoughts. When I tried to make up for it, I would feel there were dark and strange materials in my dimensions when I closed my eyes. Evil is unable to hurt a god, however, if you don't require yourself to meet the standards of a god, evil elements will take advantage of you. We are not afraid of the evil, however, but allowing the evil to take advantage of us is a shame unto us. It is a shame for any righteous god. It is true that we are cultivating in a maze. However, with Teacher's Fa principles, we should know that we are not here to be everyday people. Such a thought should be enough to help us drop any of our attachments. It is critical for us to remember this when we encounter a problem. It is one of the most important things for us to remember, so that we can give up everyday people's notions. Holding on to our attachments means that we are refusing Teacher's salvation and are ignoring sentient being's hopes in us, which means that we are giving up our futures. Teacher said that with enough Fa study, it's not hard for us to remove our attachments. We don't have any reasons to hold on to our attachments, and we have to follow Teacher's requirements and do a good job.

Since I started to practice Dafa, I have gotten rid of many of my competitive attachments, however I still had a strong attachment to "letting it happen naturally." Sometimes it became an excuse for me to avoid difficulties. Now I have come to realize that the Fa has been rectifying all the unrighteous elements in the cosmos. It is pure truth. The Fa-rectification has reached the most surface dimension. When we talk about, "letting it happen naturally," it has to accord with the new cosmos. "Following the will of heaven," means that we need to follow the will of the new cosmos. If we passively bear the persecution or do nothing in face of it, we are bearing the persecution as everyday people. Conversely, if we actively use our supernormal powers to eliminate the evil interference, change people's notions, and strengthen our righteous thoughts when doing the most righteous thing in the whole cosmos, we will be able to do what a Dafa disciple is supposed to do. We won't be driven by external elements because of insufficient righteous thoughts, which would delay and affect our major task of saving sentient beings.

When my heart became pure and no longer isolated, I truly felt that all of the beings in the world came for the Fa. We must remember that Teacher saved us from hell. We used to be lost in fame, physical comfort, self-interest, and qing. Therefore, we should be more compassionate and tolerant toward the people that we are responsible for saving.

I wrote this article to encourage myself. Meanwhile, I hope that fellow practitioners who have had similar strong attachments will be able to get rid of the notion of self and other incorrect thoughts. We should whole-heartedly melt into the Fa instead of cutting slack for ourselves now and then. We should do well with everything that we should do.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly correct me if I have said anything inappropriate.