(Clearwisdom.net) Thirty-eight Falun Dafa practitioners from Dachang County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, were illegally detained after appealing for the release of fellow practitioners. Mr. Li Dejun and Ms. Liu Shuying's two daughters ages 12 and 15 are detained in the Dachang County Detention Center. To protest this illegal persecution, several practitioners began a hunger strike February 5, 2006.

The Dachang County Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held an urgent meeting and decided to further increase secret surveillance of all local Falun Dafa practitioners, to prevent further appeals. The Committee declared it would punish the 38 practitioners already held in detention.

On February 5, 2006, Ms. Liu Shuying, Mr. Gao Tiansong, and Mr. Li Changhong were among a group of 50 people from Dachang County, Hebei Province, detained by the Xianghe County Police. These practitioners appealed for the release of Mr. Wang Shaoqiu from Langfang City and Mr. Li Dejun, Ms. Liu Shuying's husband. They were detained before the Chinese New Year by Xianghe County Police.

38 practitioners were arrested and transferred to the Dachang County Detention Center and their homes were searched without a warrant.

In the detention center, practitioners were brutally assaulted to the extent that some nearly had their teeth knocked out. One practitioner was stripped of his winter clothing, tied to a wall, and forced to endure the harsh winter night with all the windows open. Mr. Li Dejun and Ms. Liu Shuying's two adolescent daughters are still detained in Dachang County Detention Center.

Mr. Li Dejun, aged 44, of Ximazhuang Village, Dachang Township, and his wife, Ms. Liu Shuying, previously ran a small business to support their two young daughters and a 70-year-old mother. Since July 20, 1999, the couple have experienced illegal detention and forced labor many times. Their home was illegally ransacked and their life earnings confiscated by the police. Their two young daughters are forced to find work just to maintain a living. Witnessing this unjust persecution of her family members over the years, Mr. Li Dejun's mother is both physically and mentally devastated.

Wanglangfang Region, Dachang, and Xianghe County practitioners have been sending forth righteous thoughts every night at 8, 9, and 10 p.m. to clear out the evil interference in other dimensions. They also clarify the truth to the authorities. The hope is that people from Mainland China and overseas will give this matter their close attention so that this unjust persecution may be stopped as soon as possible.

Dachang County, Hebei Province, Postcode 065300
Dachang County Party Secretary Meng Fanxiang
Dachang County Party Chief Yang Lianhua
Dachang County Party Deputy Chief Liu Changying
Dachang County Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary: Yu Chenglong
Dachang County 610 Office Chief Wang Fuhong: 86-316-8822149 (Office)
Dachang County 610 Office Deputy Chief Wang Lizhong: 86-13084554001 (Cell), 86-316-8822149 (Office)
Dachang County 610 Office personnel Lang Weiguo: 86-13932676336 (Cell)
Dachang County Police Station Manager (Deputy Chief) Han Wenhua: 86-13932613666 (Cell), 86-316-8822429, 86-316-8822529 (Office)
Dachang County Police Station, Political Security Department Chief Liu Chunguang: 86-316-8822429Ext.6531 (Office)
Dachang County Police Officer Yang Yi (Son of Dachang County Party Chief Yang Lianhua): 86-316-8822429Ext.6531 (Office)
Dachang Township Detention Center Chief Sun Zhigang: 86-316-8822797 (Office)
Chenfuxiang Detention Center Chief Hai Bin: 86-316-8980110 (Office)
Xiadian Detention Center Chief Yang Wenxue: 86-316-8863043 (Office)
Dachang County People Committee Director's Office: 86-316-8825410, 86-316-8823541
Dachang County Police Station, Political Department: 86-316-8828395
Dachang County Police Office: 86-316-8822529
Dachang Township Mayor: 86-316-8822343