(Clearwisdom.net) The cruelty of the officers in the third forced labor camp in Henan Province apparently knows no bounds. They are known to have poured boiling hot water into the stomachs of practitioners who were on hunger-strike to protest their illegal imprisonment.

In January 2004, Mr. Ma Lucheng, a practitioner from Jiaozuo, Henan Province, was taken to the Third Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province after he had already been on a 43 day hunger-strike in a detention center. On the same evening, Jia Zhigang, the squadron captain of the third division, forced a pot of boiling water into Mr. Ma's stomach, causing him immeasurable pain. Director Liu pretended to be nice and took him to the hospital. In fact the officials tried to recruit him in brainwashing other practitioners, which was rejected by Mr. Ma.

Practitioner Li Jinke had gone on hunger strike several times to protest the abusive behavior of other thugs among the other prisoners. His longest hunger-strike lasted more than two months. During that time, a prison captain and another prisoner were taking turns to force-feed him. The prisoner confessed, "I know you are good people and I don't really want to abuse you but Jia Zhigang will punish me if I don't." Mr. Li reported this piece of information to the supervisors and protested by starting a hunger-strike. However, guard Jia Zhigang told the prisoner who had made the initial comment to shut up, or else his prison term would not be reduced despite his involvement in persecuting practitioners.

Practitioner Zhao Yongzhong conducted protest hunger-strikes many times, so guards Zhao Zhimin and Shen Jianwei constantly harassed him. They beat his face with shoes and shouted at him in public, "We'll force food into you even if you start eating on your own!"