(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, I didn't feel I had anything to write and share about. I always felt that we are all cultivating within the same Dafa, and we should all be able to do this. However, when sharing with other practitioners recently, I learned that some practitioners didn't do well with their families, which became barriers to saving sentient beings. Therefore, I am writing my experience of cultivating at home and hope it can be of some help to other practitioners.

My family has four generations of family members living together. In the past, in such a big family, I often had conflicts with other family members due to my shallow understanding of Dafa. When I studied Dafa more and more deeply, I gradually told myself that since Master Li asks us to look inward for our own problems and attachments, then I should look inside whenever there is any problem. Master Li asks us to change our everyday people's mentalities, and so I changed my habits in favor of my mother-in-law's habits. If she said she liked more salty flavor, then I would say salty flavor is good. If she said light flavor is good, then I would say I like light flavor. I followed her direction that this food can make up calcium or that one can supply more nutrition, and I didn't give any special treatment to my child. Everyday peoples' principles are opposite of the principles in the cosmos, and it is a good thing to suffer and endure tribulations, so I always try to take on as much work as I can. My husband's grandfather often loses control of his feces and urine. I try my best to take good care of him. I am not afraid of filth and help him clean up the feces and urine. My husband feels very touched and he often can not help saying, "You are so wonderful and I feel too content." I then tell him, "You should thank our Master Li."

Because I have done well in the family, I also often tell them that Master Li tells me to behave like this. Even if sometimes I don't do well and fail to control my mind-nature well, I still sincerely tell them, "Oh, I forgot to look inside myself and I am sorry." My husband works in the same factory as me and I talk with him about the meaning of saving sentient beings on our way to and from work every day, so his head is also full of the Fa principles. Therefore, he can understand me when he sees the Dafa work I am doing. Because I have much housework to do at home, after I come home from work, I often don't leave home again in order to make our elderly people feel more balanced in mind. My husband drives the car and helps me to do all the Dafa work before we return home. Thus, after I go back home, I am a good wife and mother and a filial daughter-in-law.

Regarding my husband, with more and more Fa-study and heavier and heavier work to clarify the truth, I gradually let go of more and more sentimentality toward him. He often watches TV by himself until late at night, and I make Dafa truth clarifying materials in the other room, but I usually go to his room to kiss him dearly and let him know that I indeed don't have time to accompany him. In this way he feels that after I study Dafa, it is not that I have less and less emotion towards him, but that the meaning of saving sentient beings is more important. Therefore, he often dearly expels me to go to make truth clarifying materials. Sometimes when I don't make materials, he questions and scolds me. And if my desire develops, he feels it immediately and he makes fun of me, and I feel ashamed. If I don't have such desire, he feels very confident and natural.

In fact, when I don't do well enough and don't study Fa enough, I realize this and try my best to improve. In the past, I beat my husband two times and caused him to be hospitalized. Now everyone says that my changes are due to Falun Dafa. I know we are validating Dafa with everything that we can do well. My father-in-law used to oppose Dafa strongly and even said that it felt "cool" to go to hell, and now he also praises me behind my back. If some other practitioners' families oppose practitioners going out to clarify the truth, or if they have conflicts at home, my husband would say, "It is Dafa practitioners who don't do well."

My fellow practitioners, please don't forget that our families are also the environment for us to validate Dafa. With your changes, your family will also unconsciously appreciate Dafa and promote Dafa. If you don't do well, you will only bring losses to Dafa.