(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Liu Ping was from Hedong District, Tianjin City. He was a pilot with a good income, a beautiful family, and excellent health. After the persecution of Falun Dafa by the Jiang regime began, Liu Ping was illegally arrested and taken to Shuangkou Labor Camp where he was tortured to death. He died on January 1, 2002.

One morning of January 2, 2002, the Education Leader Zheng Junhong from the First Team of the Tianjin Shuangkou Labor Camp instructed a gang of torturers, comprised of gangsters and drug addicts, to remove the clothes of Liu Ping, whose dead body had been discovered earlier in the day. The body was already stiff with blood, flesh and pus stuck to the clothes so that they could not even be removed.

At this time, the Labor Camp warden Zheng Junhong asked the gang to cut off the clothes and use a wet towel to soak the parts that couldn't be removed, in order to peel them off layer by layer. Thus the pus and blood was cleaned off and the body was then clothed in a tidy labor camp uniform to cover up their heinous deeds.

After half a day's work, the Zheng Junhong still felt that something hadn't been done. He asked the gang, "Do any of you have relatives that work in hospitals? If you can come up with a certificate showing that this person died in the hospital, I will terminate your imprisonment here and free you immediately."

Sure enough, one of the convict's mother worked in a hospital, and a fake death certificate was obtained very quickly; thus the criminal was discharged from the prison.

In this way, the young Dafa practitioner Liu Ping, was "legally cremated." Liu Ping's family members still suffer from not knowing the circumstances of their son's death, while the labor camp convict who managed to obtain the certificate was released immediately.

Liu Ping's death was definitely not accidental. In the Tianjin Shuangkou Labor Camp, in order to "transform" Dafa practitioners who believe in the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," the policemen there have made use of convicts to commit countless inhumane crimes against Dafa disciples by enticing convicts with "reduction of prison terms," or by offering "immediate release" if they are able to "transform" even one practitioner.

The guards at the labor camps not only use electric batons and wooden sticks to beat practitioners, they also incite convicts to beat and torture practitioners at will. All kinds of torture equipment have been used. One such torture method is a "soft" form of torture method, which is to make Dafa practitioners work for more than 20 hours each day, from 5:30 a.m. until after 2 a.m. the next day. Practitioners are tortured by the police every single day, and suffer brutal beatings if they are slow or can't finish their work. Moreover, the living conditions within the labor camp are simply intolerable, being dimly lit and damp. Eighty percent of all Dafa practitioners there have developed scabies as a result of the filthy living conditions.

Liu Ping passed away in such conditions. On the day he died, he was forced to work for more than 20 hours and closed his eyes forever after he climbed back into his bed.

Liu Ping's death has not made the Tianjin Shuangkou Labor Camp police cease committing crimes at all. Instead, their torture methods have become more ruthless and brutal. In fact, the only thing they have learned is how to avoid being held responsible after practitioners have been tortured to death. For instance, another Dafa practitioner from Tianjin Dagang District named Guo Jianxuan was persecuted until he became so emaciated that he was unable to eat or talk, or move for a long time. Even when it reached this point, no one did anything to help him. Policeman Zheng Junhong became afraid that he would die in bed the same way Liu Ping did, and decided to send him home while he still had some life in him. However, we do not know if this happened and to this day we do not know Guo Jianxuan's whereabouts.

All the above are real things that happened in this labor camp under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Public Security. It fully demonstrates the inhumanity and brutality with which evil criminals, under the control of the Chinese Communist Party are still carrying out the persecution.