Ms. Li Jifeng

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Jifeng from the Beibei District of Chongqing City was cruelly tortured at the Yongchuan Women's Prison. The guards shocked her face and other parts of her body with electric batons, which caused swelling and disfigurement. Ms. Li was on the brink of a mental breakdown for some time. Following are details.

Ms. Li Jifeng was arrested in May 2003, in violation of the Chinese constitution. One afternoon, about eight police officers broke into her home in the Beibei District and took her to Beibei District Detention Center. They confiscated one desktop computer, one laptop computer, three mobile phones, two pagers and 5,000 yuan in cash from her home.

The police first sent Ms. Li to a detention center and then to a drug rehabilitation center. They used various methods to intimidate and persecute her. They didn't let her sleep and didn't give her a quilt in the winter. The guards also ordered the inmates to coerce her into phoning her family to ask for money. Ms. Li Jifeng said her family didn't have any money, so the inmates savagely beat her. The inmates deceived her family into bringing Li Jifeng some petty cash, and they robbed her of that. The guards used various tortures on Li Jifeng in an attempt to force her to reveal the details about "truth clarification" materials production sites. In December 2004, Ms. Li was illegally sentenced to eight years in prison and sent to the Yongchuan Women's Prison, where she is being held in Division 6. She is being abused and subjected to sleep deprivation.

Ms. Liu Fanqin

In 2005, Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Fanqin from the Beibei District was sent to the Yongchuan Women's Prison. Prior to that she was held at the Jiulongpo District Detention Center where the guards tortured her with various special tools. They cruelly hung her up in handcuffs for so long that her hands were permanently disabled. The guards at the detention center said they would torture her to death. The guards didn't allow her family to meet with her and refused to release her. They sentenced her to nine years in prison and sent her to the Yongchuan Women's Prison to be further persecuted. The authorities of the Yongchuan Women's Prison were afraid to take responsibility for her and they didn't accept her. The detention center officials tried many times, and eventually the prison admitted her and held her in Division 6.

Liu Fanqin's family wants to take her home on medial parole and get her treatment. The guards fear exposure of their persecution of practitioners. They refuse to release her by using all kinds of excuses. Even now, Ms. Liu cannot raise her hands and cannot take care of herself and requires assistance in daily living.

Ms. Huang Lubin

Practitioner Ms. Huang Lubin was a retired employee of the Chongqing City's Jianshe Industry Corp. She lived in Room 2, Building 1, Unit 1, No 49, Minzhuyi (Residential) Village, Jiulong District, Chongqing. In November 2004 she was held at the Jiulongpo District Detention Center for clarifying the truth. Around September 2005 she was secretly sentenced to three years in prison in the Jiulongpo District Court and has been held at the Yongchuan Women's Prison ever since.

There are many Dafa practitioners who are now being unconstitutionally held at the Yongchuan Women's Prison. We hope all practitioners can send forth righteous thoughts and help incarcerated fellow practitioners, expose the evil, and help the practitioners reenter the current of Fa-rectification.

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