(Clearwisdom.net) Since October 2004 when the forced brainwashing sessions were held in Wumaping Prison, Muchwan County, Sichuan Province, many Falun Gong practitioners were tortured there, both physically and mentally. Forty Falun Gong practitioners were jailed there illegally. To date, more than 20 Falun Gong practitioners are still being persecuted in brainwashing sessions.

In the brainwashing sessions, prison guards tortured Falun Gong practitioners using electric batons, corporal punishment, sleep deprivation, indoctrination with lies, etc. However, many Dafa disciples have remained very steadfast. Among them are three practitioners that had to be taken to the hospital due to persecution: they suffered serious damage to the heart, brain and kidneys. The prison guards were afraid that they would be held responsible, so they applied for a "release on parole for medical treatment" for these practitioners. But the police station obstructed the approval of this application, and as a result, these Dafa disciples are still being illegally held in the prison hospital. They are:

Mr. Zhu Xuezhi, 67 years old, was persecuted at the Caotang Police Station in Qingyang Area, Chengdu City. He has been in the hospital for a long time, and is in critical condition, but policemen of the local police station still refuse to pick him up.

Mr. Gu Quanbin: his home is under the jurisdiction of the Zhongcheng Police Station, Nanchong City. Gu Quanbin had been persecuted by this police station before.

Mr. Li Huabin, 73 years old. His home is under the jurisdiction of the Dongxi Police Station of Jianyang City. Li Huabin had been persecuted by this police station before.

Mr. Liu Xueming's home is under the jurisdiction of the Puxing town Police Station of Xinjin City. Liu Xueming had been persecuted by this police station before. He was illegally sentenced to prison for seven years in 2002, and was jailed in Zigong. Last October, when his family met with him, his health was very good. This January, the money sent by his family was sent back. According to the information source, Liu Xueming is now being persecuted in Wumaping Prison hospital in Muchwan County, Leshan City.

Mr. Xiao Qihong's residence is under the jurisdiction of the Guihuaqiao Town Police Station of Emei City. Xiao Qihong had been persecuted by this police station before.

Other Dafa disciples currently being persecuted are: Wang Zhengqin, He Yuanchao, Xu Bin, Geng Faxin, Tang Jian, Zhu Zize, Gong Zhenyun, Zhang Yixiang, Xiong Wenjun, Zhang Guangcai, Wang Haibo (professor at the Sichuan University), Liu Maoshan, Zhu Mingchun, Ren Tao, Gao Guangcheng, Liao Ezhui, Yang Shunfa, Feng Bingyuan, Lin Liugang, Liu Lun, Liu Longyun, Zhao Benyong, Gong Wenyong, Zhu Zhaojie, Chen Yu, and Huang Zhiyong.

People that work in the field of international justice, human rights organizations, and Dafa disciples abroad, please pay attention to their cases and help rescue them!

Related phone numbers:

Wumaping Prison (Zip code: 614503)
Prison officer with the last name Huang, 86-833-4652001
Prison officer with the last name Wang: 86-833-4652002
Prison officer with the last name Tian: 86-833-4652003

Vicious people that had participated in persecuting Dafa disciples in brainwashing classes are:
Luo Jiangtao: Assistant Section Chief of the Education Section
Gao Hu: Assistant District Chief of the Fourth Prison District
Yuan Dingxing: Section Chief of the Prison Political Section
Prison policemen of the Fourth Prison District: Yang Xilin, He Zhiyong, and Zhong Shibin

Discipline inspection hotline: 86-833-4652004