(Clearwisdom.net) This is one female practitioner's experience in Hebei Province. She had gone to Beijing over four years ago to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. The authorities had arrested and taken her to a Shunyi County police department in suburban Beijing. She was cruelly shocked with electric batons and almost died from the torture, but left with help from a kind-hearted older police officer.

To avoid further police harassment and persecution, this article uses her pseudonym, Ms. Wang Xianghua.

Shocked with electric batons to the brink of death

Around April 23, 2001, Ms. Wang Xianghua and several other practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for and clarify the truth about Falun Gong. The Appeals Office doubles as a police department. Whoever appeals is arrested, so instead of going to the office they unfurled banners in Tiananmen Square. Ms. Wang held up truth clarification banners and shouted as she ran, "Falun Dafa is good!" Police cars and plainclothes police officers chased her. The officers tripped her and she fell. All the practitioners were taken to the Tiananmen Police Department and locked in a metal cage and in the evening sent to a police department in Shunyi County near Beijing.

Ms. Wang Xianghua was handcuffed and several officers took her to an office where the door and windows were tightly shut. One officer asked her, "Where do you come from?" She ignored him. The police officers brought at least two electric batons and continuously shocked her face, neck and other parts of her body. She gritted her teeth and kept silent. They handcuffed her behind her back and forced her to lie flat on the floor before continuing to shock her.

The police stopped after shocking her for a long time and continued to interrogate her. Ms. Wang refused to talk. One officer took a cup of boiling water, lifted her shirt, and poured the water down her neck. Then he stuck the electric baton on the skin to shock her. After about four hours of electric shock torture, the batteries on both batons gave out. The officers went to re-charge the batons. One officer brought a booklet and said to her, "Look, they all told us!" Ms. Wang ignored him and didn't open her eyes. She thought, "Teacher saved my life! I must appeal for justice for Dafa and for Teacher! Even if I sacrifice my life to safeguard Dafa, I will not implicate anyone else, because I know if I tell my address, many people in the area including my colleagues and superiors will be implicated and persecuted."

She didn't have any fear. Her heart remained unmoved no matter what the police said. One police officer randomly guessed her address, but she remained calm and she didn't open her eyes. The officers saw that they could not get any information from her, so they continued to shock her.

When the electric current made her body convulse, the officers hastily opened the handcuffs. After quite a long time her condition improved slightly. One kind-hearted person said, "She has heart disease. Don't shock her anymore!" Someone else said, "Why did you shock her to this state?"

By this time her face and neck were covered with blisters and blood. They wiped away the blood with her shirt. One young officer said, "So what? The older woman has much larger blisters than her." Right after Ms. Wang stopped convulsing, an officer shocked her face, neck and body all over again with an electric baton. Her eyes and facial muscles twitched and her mouth jerked to one side uncontrollably.

It was late at night and most officers went to sleep. Two officers carried Ms. Wang to another office and put her in a chair. They were afraid she would run away, so they handcuffed her to the chair.

Leaving the police department with help from kind-hearted people

Three officers watched her. One older officer was very kind. He sympathizes with Dafa practitioners. He poured water for Ms. Wang and got a tissue for her. She wanted to vomit and he said, "Just do it here. Go ahead." He saw that her breathing was very rapid and he was worried that she might die. He didn't close his eyes the entire night.

In a weak voice she clarified the truth to him and told him stories about goodness reaping rewards and evil receiving punishment. He was touched by the stories. Ms. Wang bled and vomited. The officer put the tissue stained with her blood on the floor so others could see it. Her feet were too swollen to fit into shoes, so he brought newspapers and put them under her feet. He wanted to call a doctor for her but she stopped him because she didn't want to disturb anyone late at night. She knew Teacher was helping her and she thought, "I must and will leave after dawn."

Right before daybreak Ms. Wang went into convulsions again. They lasted a long time. The old police officer said, "I'll ask them to release you." She said, "You will certainly receive blessings for treating Dafa practitioners with kindness."

He went to find a doctor. The other two officers who were assigned to watch Ms. Wang woke up and complained, "It's so hard to make 500 yuan because she is so tough," meaning each officer would receive a 500-yuan bonus if he could extort a practitioner's address from him or her. The Communist regime forces the practitioners' families or employers to pay this money. The police officers fanatically beat and torture practitioners to "earn" this money. One of them kicked Ms. Wang and said as she was convulsing, "Just go ahead and die! We'll drag you out and burn your body!"

The doctor came and did an ECG. He asked the officers, "What caused all these injuries?" Ms. Wang had large blisters on her face and neck, and her hands and feet were badly swollen. The officers were afraid to admit that the injuries were the result of their electric shocks so they said, "We don't know!" After the ECG the doctor asked, "How long has she been like this?" The elderly office who had watched her said, "Since about 5:00 a.m. this morning, so, it's been about three hours." The doctor said, "Rush her to the hospital!" The officers agreed but refused to take her to the hospital. Because Ms. Wang didn't give her address, no one was going to pay for her medical expenses.

The reason for the officers' extreme treatment was to force her to tell her address so they could each make 500 yuan. Now they not only could not get the [anticipated] bonus but would also have to pay for her medical expenses. They absolutely refused to lose money from their own pockets. They would also be exposing their crimes by sending her to a hospital. They asked their superiors and asked Ms. Wang, "Can you walk if we let you go?" Wang Xianghua said in her heart, "With Teacher's protection, I'll certainly be able to walk."

Two officers carried her into a car. The elderly officer, a division head, and a young officer took her to the Shunyi County Bus Station. The young officer stared viciously at Ms. Wang and demanded to know her address. The division head said, "The chief said not to ask about it anymore." The young officer then gave up questioning her.

At the Shunyi County Bus Station, the young officer demanded 100 yuan from Ms. Wang so he could buy a ticket for her. He didn't get a ticket but he also didn't want to return her money. The division head told him in a stern voice, "Give the money back to her." He hastily returned it to her. Ms. Wang was happy for the division head and the elderly officer, because they upheld justice.

They couldn't get a ticket at Shunyi County Bus Station, so they went to a place called Hebei and bought a ticket for her there. The officers returned the remaining 90 yuan to her. The division head and the elderly officer said, "In your condition, just stay home and practice after you get home. Don't go out again! Don't you guys know that this is a 'Strike Down Hard' period? We all know what Falun Gong is about, but we can't speak out!"

Ms. Wang saw that they were good people. She asked to borrow the older officer's cell phone to call her family. The officer said, "It's not that I don't want you to use it. If you make a phone call, your number will be saved on my cell phone, and we'll find out your address when we go back to the police department. Don't make any phone calls. Just go home."

Ms. Wang waved goodbye before she got on the bus. The good hearts and good thoughts of these people will certainly bring a bright future for them and their families!