(Clearwisdom.net) After Teacher published the article, "A Will That Ebbs Not," I suddenly awakened. Now, each time I read Teacher's words, "validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy" ("Rationality" from Essentials for Further Advancement II) on the heading of "Minghui Weekly" Journal, I have a much deeper understanding of its inner meaning. We must truly cultivate to understand that level of the principle.

Before, due to a lack of Fa study, I was busy with everyday stuff, my xinxing was not at the right level, and I was not tranquil when I did the meditation. So when I was validating the Fa, the pace was sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Under Teacher's great mercy and enlightenment, my husband and I started to recite Hong Yin (2), Lunyu, the table of contents and the first section of Zhuan Falun. We were putting Dafa in our minds. We also read more and more of Teacher's articles. I kept doing this for a while, and I improved my cultivation state. I was feeling pretty good about my cultivation when I suddenly got a phone call and was told that one of our practitioners had been sent to a brainwashing center. I was told to let other practitioners know about this so that no one would call her any more.

I told myself to stay calm while I was busy trying to line up things, but my heart was jumping. What should I do? I left home and started to send forth righteous thoughts. My heart started to calm down, but there was one thought that came: didn't I need to make the phone calls? It's not about me, it's about our group! I must let them know immediately! We should increase our efforts to eliminate the evil persecution and deny the old force arrangements.

I notified all the practitioners I could get hold of and we formed a large strong energy field. I went to share with fellow practitioners. Through the sharing, we all knew that the problem was caused by the evil's final reckless persecution, and we should deny it, and be firm with our righteous thoughts and actions. We all looked inward, and we all knew that there was a loophole in the group. The main issue was that we did not thoroughly study the "Fa" and deepen our thoughts, and there were attachments. When we saw others with attachments, we did not point them out in time. We thought that they would discover them through Fa study, but actually that is a selfish thought.

Myself in particular, I always thought that it was very important for me to cultivate, raise my xinxing, avoid evil interference and keep cultivating to the end. I didn't care about others. In my heart, I disliked those who followed a wicked path and betrayed Teacher. I always stayed away from them.

There are two people in our area who have gone down the wrong path. I treated them in an extreme way. I went to visit one of them, and I used a scolding tone with her, and I did not even want to visit the other one. Other practitioners went to help them, but I stayed far away from them. During that time, there was another person who went down the wrong path! My heart was not emotional any more, but my thoughts were dark. How come it happened like this?

Since I have been studying the Fa diligently, righteous thoughts came out. I understood from the Fa that I must follow the Fa to cultivate in the group, to upgrade as a whole. We should not let any practitioner fall. Teacher has spent so much effort pulling me out of the mud, making my body clean and upgrading my xinxing. I obtained high-level Fa, for what? To make me a Dafa particle, to help Teacher rectify the Fa, to save sentient beings, including all the people. That elderly practitioner was used by the evil because of her attachments. We should help her immediately, and we should not sit around and do nothing.

I jumped away from the fear, from human notions, and stepped out to be in the whole group and to upgrade together. We recognized that when practitioners' righteous thoughts are strong, we can destroy all evil, and rectify all the wrong things. When I saw other practitioners who were not emotional, but rationally doing everything based on Dafa, it made me increase my righteous thoughts. We quickly worked together: some exposed the evil on the website, some sent forth righteous thoughts for the local area, and some distributed materials to expose the evil.

Before, I always listened to or read other people's stories in the Minghui Weekly. Now this story was happening around me, and we learned about Dafa's mighty power from a real story, and practitioners' strong righteous thoughts were manifesting. I am one of the Fa rectification particles.

Several days later when, the arrested practitioner was released, we went to find her immediately to share with her, to let her experience our compassion. Although she had written the three statements, we still treated her with compassion, to encourage her to come back to the Fa rectification process. With fellow practitioner's help, she wrote a solemn declaration. Practitioners also copied Teacher's recent articles for her, to encourage her to read more Fa. Pushed by the Fa rectification process, she cried in front of Teacher's picture and made up her mind to cultivate to the end, to assimilate to Dafa.

Practitioners have a strong mission on our shoulders. We are required to keep up with the Fa rectification process, study the Fa diligently, and do the three things well.

This was an experience during my cultivation, a major breakthrough in my xinxing, and I understood that it was Dafa that washed away my impure notions from the old universe.