(Clearwisdom.net) In late 2001, Dafa practitioner Liao Shikai was arrested by police from the Taiping Town Police Station. He was tortured to death the next day.

Mr. Liao Shikai, in his 40s, lived in Taiping Town, Dianjiang County, Chongqing City. By the time he was around 30 years old, he had already been afflicted with many illnesses. Osteophytosis brought him extreme pain. When he started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997, all of his illnesses went away. Since then, he deeply believed in Dafa without any doubts.

One day at the end of 2001, the police from Taiping Town took Mr. Liao Shikai to the station. By the next day, he had been tortured to death. (Note: Mr. Liao was very healthy when he was taken away.) The police were afraid to bear the responsibility for this crime so they did not allow Mr. Liao's family to see his body or take pictures. They directly cremated Mr. Liao's body.

The local residents protested the injustice inflicted upon Mr. Liao Shikai. Many people went to the Police Station of Taiping Town to ask for justice. The Police Department of Dianjiang County dispatched many police vehicles and policemen to the Police Station of Taiping Town to disperse the protestors in the name of "maintaining public order." The police threatened to arrest anyone who continued protesting. Because all the people knew how evil the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, they both felt angry and afraid. They had no choice but to go home.

However, shortly after this, the police who persecuted Mr. Liao Shikai received karmic retribution and died.

Police Department of Dianjiang County: 86-23-74511701 (Tel), 86-23-74516444 (Fax), hlj845@163.com (Email)

January 26, 2006