(Clearwisdom.net) It is the time for the traditional Chinese New Year, and in the past few days, a heavy fog has descended on Beijing. On January 27, 2006, I sat alone before the window and read the latest news on Liu Jizhi and Han Yuzhi, the rape victims from Hebei Province. I learned that after having to endure such a savage crime, they not only did not receive justice, they cannot even return home because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its minions are looking for them everywhere. The authorities have been arresting other Falun Gong practitioners for helping the two victims.

My heart sunk. I thought, "How can these innocent peasant women possibly endure such anguish that brought them physical devastation, tremendous mental pressure and mental trauma that will probably never leave them. On top of this, how could they possibly endure the reprisals from the wicked CCP for exposing its crimes?"

Han Yuzhi's husband provided physical evidence to the police for examination - the bed sheet and underpants Han Xuezhi wore when she was raped. Soon afterwards, officials from various levels of the Dongchengfang Town government invited Han Yuzhi's husband to a dinner, during which they promised this mortified and tormented peasant hush money, and coerced him not to seek justice. They wanted to force the couple to give up their dignity and their rights as Chinese citizens.

Policeman and rapist He Xuejian was arrested, and it was said that he even appeared once on TV wearing a prison uniform and having his head shaved. Several days later, however, the Communist regime's government that claims to "serve the people" posted a 100,000 yuan reward for the capture of the victims and witnesses to the crime. Policemen are looking for the victims everywhere.

Xizhuan Village in Dongchengfang Town is shrouded in terror, as police cars rip through the village day and night. After 7:00 p.m., division Party Secretary Yang Shun gathered up the village officials and CCP members, and arranged for them to follow, investigate and harass the victims' families. They also found a list of names of people who practiced Falun Gong before 1999. The lawless officials then ordered the CCP members and others to watch these people, who are not allowed to leave town unless they report to the local government beforehand.

The CCP members were even dispatched to watch a man in his 80s who is semi-paralyzed and mute. The CCP members and officials were also divided into groups, and they took turns harassing the victims' families every few hours. As a result, the families are extremely frightened and nervous. The government also searched their homes and are monitoring the mobile phones of the victims and their friends and relatives. They are staked out outside their homes. The government dispatched many security personnel at major intersections leading to the village to stop outsiders and reporters from entering the village.

A police officer raped two women in broad daylight, yet the victims and their families are forbidden to speak up and expose the abuse they were subjected to under the persecution. Sometimes even the CCP members who are staked out overnight outside the homes of the victims' families said, "This is too much! What kind of government is this?"

A "special case group" administered by the head of Baoding City Police Department was founded in the past. This group immediately got to work on "major cases," which meant arresting many Falun Gong practitioners in Beijing and Zhuozhou City. They interrogated and tortured these practitioners about the whereabouts of the two victims. The true intention of this group is to prevent the truth from reaching the outside world.

It's difficult for a rational person to comprehend the Chinese Communist Party's stupid and evil acts. Why did it start the cruel persecution of the followers of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance? If it cares about its image, why is it publicly retaliating against those who expose its crimes? Even as it approaches destruction, the Chinese Communist regime is still blatantly abusing its power and forcing people to violate their conscience.

As the night grows quiet and the fog thickens, I hear firecrackers going off in the distance.

I know that ever since the wicked Party launched its brutal persecution against Falun Gong in 1999, Liu Jizhi, Han Yuzhi and many other Falun Gong practitioners in China have never enjoyed a peaceful Chinese New Year. They are now living in exile and fear for their lives. Liu Jizhi said, "The Communist Party didn't punish the perpetrators, and it wants to silence me at all costs and escape condemnation for this crime from all just people in the world. Only after Falun Gong's reputation is restored will I be able to return home safely!"