(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Zhichang lived during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). He was kind, forgiving and generous. In everything he did, he always considered others.

Zhang Zhichang studied at the Imperial College. In feudal China this was the school for the Central Authorities, and it was considered to be the highest, most reputable institution in ancient China's educational system. While he was there, his family asked someone to take him ten liang (about 17.6 ounces) of gold. The person he shared his room with opened the box and took the gold when Zhang Zhichang was out.

The school officials summoned the roommate, searched the room, and found the gold. Zhang Zhichang realized that if he claimed the gold was his, his roommate would certainly be punished. In addition, in the eyes of the masses, his roommate would be terribly shamed. Accordingly, he said, "That is not my gold."

His roommate was so touched by Zhang Zhichang's kindness that he returned the gold to Zhang Zhichang at night by hiding the gold in some clothing. Zhang Zhichang knew that his roommate was very poor, so he gave him half of the gold.

Everyone praised Zhang Zhichang for giving gold to his roommate, a deed that everyday people can easily do. Not claiming his stolen gold, however, is not something that just anyone could do. This showed that Zhang Zhichang always considered others first, which is something that many people fail to do.