(Clearwisdom.net) The "Legal System Education and Training Center" in Weifang is a notorious forced brainwashing center administered by the Communist regime's 610 Office. 610 Office agents have arrested and detained Dafa practitioners and subjected them to all kinds of mental torment. During the day, they bombard people with lies. During the night they deprive the Dafa practitioners of sleep. Brainwashing center head Fu Jinbin frequently subjects women practitioners to severe sexual harassment regardless of their age.

In October 2005, a pretty woman Dafa practitioner was arrested and taken to the "Legal System Education and Training Center." Fu Jinbin carried her in his arms and walked to his room. After this Dafa practitioner was released, Fu Jinbin still called on her to come see him. Fu Jinbin also harassed another young woman practitioner by repeatedly groping her and using obscene language. Although he encountered her strong resistance, he still persisted. One day, after he repeatedly badgered her, he exposed himself to her. Another Dafa practitioner's daughter-in-law came to visit her. Fu locked the gate and did not let her leave. After she resisted his advances and was about to climb the wall, he opened the gate.

Fu Jinbin, 47, came to this 610 Office-sponsored brainwashing center in April 2003. A vicious female brainwashing center staff member named Guo Jing followed Fu Jinbin's directives closely and was extremely cruel to Dafa practitioners. They mentally and physically tormented the practitioners, extorted large amounts of money from them, and implicated their family members.

This brainwashing center is located at north end of Xinhua Road in the Kuiwen District in Weifang. Two signs are hung up at this building, one saying "Chinese Communist Party School at the Kuiwen District for Weifang City," and "North Campus of the Weifang City School of Public Health."

Two days before the 2005 Mid-Autumn Festival, Dafa practitioner Jiao Huifang in Weifang City was arrested and taken to the so-called "Legal System Education and Training Center." For two months, the lawless people subjected her to all sorts of physical torture and mental torment because she did not give up her belief in Falun Dafa. Jiao Huifang resisted their persecution methods with a hunger strike. They injected her with drugs and force-fed her. They handcuffed her day and night, and deprived her of sleep. For a long period of time they force-fed her by intubation and handcuffed her to a sofa from behind. When she was tortured to the brink of death, and her family members were forced to write a guarantee statement.

Many banners are displayed in the center, touting "appreciation" from people. These came from people who were forced into renouncing their beliefs and then forced to pay for these banners to "thank" the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for "transforming" them.

Kou Jianhui, deputy head of city's 610 Office: 86-536-8789623, 86-536-8789027, 86-536-8269995, 86-13905368118 (Cell). This person is in charge of the brainwashing center.

Li Tongkui, deputy head of the city's 610 Office: 86-536-8789631, 86-536-8731187, 86-13173159888 (Cell)

Fu Jinbin, head of the Weifang 610 Office brainwashing center: 86-13853646838 (Cell). This person is known for severe sexual misconduct.

Wang Zhihua, the city Party deputy secretary: 86-536-8789005, 86-13356701616 (Cell), 86-13606361616 (Cell). In charge of the Politics and Law system. Before 2002, Wang Zhihua was Party secretary for the Political and Judiciary Committee for Weifang, and has been in charge of persecuting Falun Gong since 7/20/1999.

Li Shouyu, Party secretary for Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-536-8789696, 86-536-8219669, 86-13356729399 (Cell), 86-13906368666 (Cell). Former Weifang deputy mayor.

Xu Yujun, city Communist regime's deputy secretary, head of the 610 Office: 86-536-8789699, 86-536-8238638, 86-13306363336 (Cell). This person is in charge of the brainwashing center.

Zhang Guangxiao, deputy Party secretary, city head for Political and Judiciary Committee, deputy head of the city's 610 Office: 86-536-8789623, 86-536-8366866, 86-13906368318 (Cell). Former Party secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee in the Weicheng District.

Zhu Yulin, deputy head of city's police department, deputy head of the city's 610 Office: 86-536-8783005, 86-536-8783858, 86-13605360068 (Cell)

Song Jiwu, Weifang Public Complaint Bureau, former 610 Office head: 86-13806368299 (Cell)

Guo Jing of the brainwashing center, female, works together with Fu Jinbin. She is very brutal toward Dafa practitioners. 86-536-8254171 (Home)

January 3, 2006