On December 25, 2005, the district attorney's office in Ningyuan County in Hunan Province prosecuted Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Chen Xiaoling. They accused her of "obstructing justice through a cult organization." They attempted to force her to give up her cultivation by sentencing her to a jail term and depriving her of employment.

Ms. Chen Xiaoling was a resident of Ningyuan County, Hunan Province. She was a staff member of the county education department. She suffered from rheumatism-like joint inflammation. Her hand and knee joints were both distorted and she could not take care of herself. After she learned Dafa, she no longer took any pills or shots, and her shape was gradually improving. She has become healthy, her body is no longer inflamed, she can write with her hands, and other symptoms have also disappeared.

Ms. Chen was a steadfast practitioner. Since July 20, 1999, people from the 610 Office and the political and security group in the police department have gone to her home many times to search for Dafa books. She has been arrested and taken to the Ningyuan Detention Center and has been persecuted. Her wages have been withheld since May 2005 and she does not have any means to support herself.

On September 6, 2005, six policemen led by Zhou Yaoming and Liu Yunfei broke into Ms. Chen's home. Liu slapped her a few times, and Zhou slapped her too. Ms. Chen could not sleep for two nights after that incident. Her brother fought back by slapping Zhou. Zhou chased after him, slapped him several times and ordered him to be taken to the police station. Later they put him in jail for 7 days.

Five days later, the police arrested Ms. Chen when she was shopping. They put her in the Ningyuan Detention Center for 17 days, where she shared the same cell with an elderly practitioner named Peng Gerong.

On October 25, the police called Ms. Chen's brother and told him that they had indicted her and wanted him to urge her to cooperate with the police. They wanted to find out who gave her the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and how she maintained contact with practitioners overseas.

It has been 8 months since Ms. Chen got her last paycheck. Her sister, who works as an hourly laborer in Guangdong Province, supports her. Ms. Chen spends only two yuan a day for her living expenses. The "610 Office" threatened and subjected her father and two brothers to brainwashing, so they were afraid and constantly applied pressure on Ms. Chen.

Organizations and individuals who participated in persecuting Ms. Chen:

The Head of "610 Office" in Ningyuan County, Zhou Yaoming:
86-746-7229610, 86-746-7222103, 86-13974642549 (Cell)
The Captain of the National Security Team in the Ningyuan Police Department, Liu Feyun:
86-746-7223539, 86-746-7232703, 86-13874385880 (Cell)
The Instructor at the National Security Team in the Ningyuan Police Department, Li Maojun:
86-746-7223539, 86-746-7233059, 86-13874386429 (Cell)
The Court in Ningyuan County, Jiang Tianyong:
86-746-7223560, 86-746-7223295, 86-13974648995
The Deputy secretary of the Ningyuan County Committee, Guo Ding:
86-746-7224959, 86-13707466621 (Cell)
The Director of the Education Bureau in Ningyuan County, Li Youcai:
86-746-732221297, 86-746-7223667, 86-13974648856 (Cell)
Other's names and phone numbers:
Zhang Luo, Chief of the County Police Department:
86-746-7223015 (Office), 86-13974689715 (Cell)
Jiang Wenwang, Assistant to the Chief:
86-746-7222878 (Office), 86-13707466831 (Cell)
Zhou Yaoming, the director of "610 Office":
86-746-7229610 (Office), 86-746-7222103 (Home), 86-13974642549 (Cell)
Le Yongzhen, Deputy Director of the "610 Office": 86-746-7229610 (Office), 86-746-7223688 (Home), 86-13974649800 (Cell)
Liu Yunfei, Captain of the National Security Team:
86-746-7223539 (Office), 86-746-7232703 (Home), 86-13874385880 (Cell)
Li Maojun, Instructor in the National Security Team:
86-746-7223539 (Office), 86-746-7233059 (Home), 86-13874386429 (Cell)