Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I didn't have any special beliefs, nor did I have any idea about cultivation. My mother and sister are devout Buddhists. I always had a suspicious attitude about the existence of divine beings. After I started practicing Dafa, I could feel a Falun rotating in my body. In the course of cultivation, some of my supernormal capabilities were unlocked, allowing me to gain confidence in cultivation by seeing scenes from other dimensions.

Half a year after I started to cultivate Dafa, I helped a colleague to start practicing Dafa. We have worked together to wake up many colleagues in our office and many people around us, and we cooperate well with each other.

Both of us know that many colleagues in our office and many people around us have a pre-destined relationship with us. We work together to wake them up and we cooperate well with each other. Several thousand employees in our south bureau have gradually come to understand the peace and beauty of Falun Dafa. Because our colleagues are spread out in different counties and cities, we have no way to send truth materials to them individually, but we use e-mail to clarify the truth. Many colleagues in other sub-divisions who haven't met us before all know our names.

Over a dozen colleagues who we see frequently have started to practice Falun Dafa. Some of them have solidly cultivated and some are still at the stage of building up a better understanding. We give our truth clarification materials to many of the people who often come to our office for business. We also organized a Fa study group among some colleagues in our office.

I am good at planning activities and she is a practitioner who has a good cooperative attitude. I have a certain plan in mind when I do things. I have my own viewpoints and won't be affected by others. She tends to listen to different opinions and sometimes cannot make up her mind. Our husbands are not practitioners but we have different ways of handling this. When I need to participate in Dafa-validating activities, I will directly tell my husband that I need to go, whereas she tries to see how well her husband will accept it. I often participate in truth-clarifying activities at home and abroad, whereas she doesn't participate very often.

After cultivating for some time, we gradually had some gaps and had different understandings about Fa principles. I felt that she dared not openly tell her husband about the things that she did to validate Dafa, which prevented her from participating in some Dafa activities. I always feel that whatever Dafa activities I attend, I can confidently tell my family without worrying about this and that.

I often told her, "Don't feel afraid. What are you afraid of?" Because "fear" caused her to participate in fewer activities to validate Dafa, I felt this was interference from the evil, but that she didn't realize it. Sometimes when I saw her cultivation state was not good, I felt uncomfortable and complained in my mind that she didn't dare to break through the barriers.

Such contradictions developed in our minds and I knew we should dissolve them, but there was always a knot in my mind. I remembered Master Li's teaching that we should look inside our minds for our own problem whenever there is a conflict. Later I realized that she has to take her own cultivation path and maybe her way is right for her. She has to decide herself, and I should not make the decision for her. Moreover, her situation is not exactly the same as mine.

Though I realized this and we also wanted to make our relationship more harmonious, every time when we studied the Fa together, we felt there was interference and our minds could not calm down. There was no such problem when we studied the Fa by ourselves or with other practitioners. After sharing on this issue, she decided that we should use our Fa-study time to send forth righteous thoughts to clean up our own dimensional fields.

Since her work keeps her very busy, I tried to lessen our conflicts by gradually drifting away from her. Despite this, I faintly felt uncomfortable and felt that some power wanted to separate us. I often wrote articles to look inside myself and remove the confusion in my mind, and this had good effects. During the writing process, I enlightened to many issues that I didn't understanding well before.

I also admire this practitioner's care and patience to constantly help new practitioners. I don't have as much patience as she does on this issue. Some practitioners are strong in this aspect and some are strong in other aspects. Practitioners are all using their strengths and in this way our whole body can achieve the big role of improving and upgrading as one body.

Part of the reason for the conflicts in our minds is interference from the dark minions. They use the loopholes in our xinxing and keep imposing bad thoughts on us. Now I understand that in the future when I send forth righteous thoughts, I should target the dark minions that have been interfering with us.

In the past I kept trying to look inside to dissolve our conflicts and didn't realize that it was the dark minions and rotten ghosts that were interfering with us. I understand this now. For a certain period of time the evil also disguised itself in my colleague's image and accused me in my dreams. Wasn't its purpose to separate us? When we coordinate well and make up for shortcomings with each other, we can play a huge role, so it wants to separate us. I believe that after we expose the evil, they will no longer have room to exist.

The above is my personal cultivation experience. I hope that fellow practitioners will kindly point out anything inappropriate.