(Clearwisdom.net) On November 27, mainstream media reported Senator Patrik Vankrunkelsven's investigation of CCP's organ trade. Canadian independent investigators Mr. Kilgour and Matas attended a forum "Organ Transplantation and Ethics" in the Freed University of Brussels, which was organized by Chairman of Belgium Organ Transplantation Association. They also participated in a press conference held in the Belgium Parliament. CCP's organ harvesting recently became the focus of Belgium media.

Foreign Minister meets CCP Ambassador

Belgium Dutch newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen reported on its website on November 30 that on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht met CCP Ambassador and talked about CCP's organ trade. The organ trade issue was exposed by Senator Patrick Vankrunkelsven.

In meeting with the ambassador, the minister handed over the document from Senator Vankrunkelsven to the diplomats. They made sure that they would investigate the incident and report to the minister.

Horrible news of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners was spread

Belgium newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen reported on November 28 on organ harvesting with the title "Made in China." "In China you can buy a kidney or liver with the same ease as buying a portion of Chinese take-out here in Belgium. Fill out a form, briefly describe your problem and off course don't forget to mention your blood type and a few days later you will get a phone call from the land of tea and rice. Senator Patrick van Krunkelsven tried it and he was able to make an appointment. What he did, didn't bring any news. At the beginning of this year, now 9 months ago, British undercover journalists made a documentary about this organ trade. In spring time horrible pictures from executed Falun Gong prisoners were spread upon which their organs were sold.

"In the beginning people reacted with disbelief. Organ trade itself goes against every ethical principle. Indignation has exceeded the disbelief. There are voices who call for a stricter regulation, a boycott of the Olympic Games, a review of the trade relations with China."

Belgium Senator's investigation is consistent with that of Mr. Kilgour and Mr. Matas

Belgium newspaper De Morgen reported on November 28, "Senator Patrik Vankrunkelsven (Flemish Liberal Party) wants to call for a halt of malpractices with organ trade in China by legislation."

"Internationally, the figures of transplants in China have been causing disturbance for quite some time already. While patients here sometimes have to wait for years for a suitable organ, in China one can be served with a new kidney or lung within several weeks. For a kidney they ask about 50,000 Euro."

The number of transplants is increasing excessively, especially in comparison to other countries. An increase that raises questions, not only because the rest of the world struggles with a shortage of organs, but also because the Chinese are reluctant of organ donations. Human rights organizations have already sharply condemned the origin of part of the organs. The organs would be removed from executed prisoners and sold for big money. This however doesn't explain everything. "If you compare the number of reported transplants in China with the official number of executions in China, you are still left with a difference of 6,000 organs," says Vankrunkelsven.

A recent and widely spread report from the Canadians David Matas and David Kilgour, suggests where they come from. The two visits our country at the moment and De Morgen was able to talk to them. They accuse the Chinese authorities of "killing adherents of the forbidden spiritual movement Falun Gong, exactly because of their organs, and to cremate them afterwards." Matas and Kilgour collected confessions from ex-detained Falun Gong practitioners and from family of physicians who worked on the organ transplants.

The allegations are difficult to substantiate, but a private investigation by Vankrunkelsven points in the same direction. When the VLD-senator registered as a patient with the Chinese website that offers organ transplants, he received a reply quite quickly. The Senator said, to my question if they could guarantee me that I would not receive an old kidney, they replied that the organs originated from young death row convicts. There was no question of organs obtained after accidents or from elderly people who deceased.

International human rights organizations have been making efforts to call a halt to these practices for some time already.