(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2006, the shocking news of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed. Many local practitioners, including myself, hurried to demonstrate in front of the White House in Washington D.C. We wanted to appeal to and call on the international community to investigate the atrocities and stop the CCP from doing further evil. I want to share with you the spectacular vision I had.

On the night before my departure, I saw the curtain rise on the final decisive battle between good and evil. Falun Dafa practitioners were on one side, while the evil in other dimensions, refusing to leave the destructive path they were taking, were on the other side. The practitioners' side was filled with grandeur and solemnness, displaying righteous thoughts that showed their readiness to eliminate the evil completely. Those on the unrighteous side were steaming with fury and held a murderous look. They shouted, "This is the decisive battle between gods." The entire dimension before my eyes became silent, and all gazed at this final, most solemn, stirring, and grandest act of all times. At that moment, I felt as if a part within me exploded, and I suddenly understood many Fa principles.

On our way to the White House, the sky was dark, filled with dark clouds, and no sunlight broke through the darkness. In order to actualize its goal of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, the old forces set up obstacles to the Fa-rectification everywhere, and tightly restrained the attention of western society, away from the persecution. At the White House, we sent forth righteous thoughts every half hour. Through a speaker, fellow practitioners shared how to treat the tragic persecution rationally, without human notions. In the process of sharing, the understanding of all practitioners improved. Then in the distance, the horizon revealed a speck of blue sky, which moved towards the White House, closer and closer, along with the improved understanding of practitioners. I saw many righteous gods coming with a contingent of the heavenly army towards where we were. I saw that the gods were outraged, swinging their divine swords in their hands ceaselessly. Wherever the swords touched, the evil was eliminated. I found the quicker practitioners improved their understanding, the faster the gods eliminated the evil. At the moment when we all understood that if this tragic persecution could not awaken people's conscience, then the sentient beings could not have a future, the heavenly army arrived in an instant. In the human world, the sky suddenly cleared up, the dark clouds disappeared, and the blue sky smiled down on us. Watching, I realized that the force that moved mountains arrived in less than one second, something that is not imaginable with human thinking. Tears welled up in my eyes. I felt grateful that fellow practitioners had reached the most crucial understanding.

If Falun Dafa practitioners can't raise their understanding of the Fa-rectification, the righteous gods are restricted in their actions. They have tears in their eyes from seeing the suffering they can't prevent. They witness the evil persecuting Dafa and practitioners in the human world and they are filled with fury. They have the power to eradicate the evil, but Falun Dafa practitioners are cultivating in the human world, and must enlighten from the maze and cultivate before their power can be displayed. In fact, gods wanted to save and protect practitioners who were killed during the persecution, but because practitioners could not distinguish clearly in their mind the concept of the old forces, could not negate the old forces' principles, and walked on the path arranged by the old forces, the gods were caught in the old forces' excuse for the persecution. The gods who are on the side of the Fa are seething with anger about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the old forces, and completely deny it.

As long as we believe in Dafa and Teacher, and have strong righteous thoughts, the righteous gods will protect practitioners with all their might. That is their role in Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Our benevolent Teacher is merciful forever, and nurtures every genuine disciple. If we can't see ourselves as Teacher's disciples at all times, and acknowledge that everything is decided by Teacher, then it is easy for the old forces to exploit our loopholes, take advantage of the situation and grab the opportunity to persecute practitioners.

Three years ago, I went to the Canada Fa Conference. I went to the airport at midnight. I was tired and exhausted, the street was empty, and I was the only one waiting for the bus. When I was drifting off to sleep, I suddenly felt a dread I had not experienced since the first day of my cultivation. I woke up with a start, reminded myself that I was a Dafa disciple, and that only Teacher could decide my path. I suddenly saw and heard three gods of the old forces (not gods of an ordinary level) talking with each other. They said that I played a decisive role, and destroyed many of their arrangements, and that they were ready to kill me. I was really shocked. They realized that I had discovered their plot and were shocked, as they had not expected that I could see them. Righteous thoughts cultivated from Dafa made me fearless. I confronted them with my thoughts, yet feeling the elements they pushed towards me made me very uncomfortable. At that moment, they decided to use the capabilities of their level to persecute me. Then, a huge voice came from deep in the cosmos, "Who dares [touch my disciples]?" Instantly the three gods of the old forces were destroyed and gone without a trace.

I remember an episode in China. Once, I was surrounded by police officers who wanted to take me to a brainwashing center. Two big strong policemen held my legs and waist and tried to throw me into the police car. Three officers shouted and wrangled on the side. Dignity cultivated from the Fa allowed my righteous thoughts to be even stronger. I was not moved by their superficial display of power. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and gazed at them, and thought, "You cannot move me." The two used all their strength, but could not move me. They tried for about 30 minutes, but could not move me. One put his hands on his waist, and the other squatted on the ground and breathed heavily. The three other officers were stunned. The surrounding crowd laughed at the five policemen. I said to them, "You two, and these three, are still useless. Do not continue to waste your efforts. Take a rest where you are and I will leave." While talking, I passed through the crowd and left. The five police officers stayed where they were, quiet and unresponsive.

Once, two police officers were in front of me and two behind me, rushing at me with waving fists. I was not scared, because righteous thoughts cultivated in Dafa sent out the thought that they could not touch me. I had a very important matter to attend to, and did not want to be delayed. Therefore, I moved to one side, and said, "You have a go at each other. I have another matter to attend to, let me leave." They really began to fight each other, and I attended to my business.

Once, at the local police station, police officers surrounded me. They cursed and threatened me. They even punched my back with fists. I heard the sound, "boom, boom" just as if hitting a drum. I turned around, gazed at the policeman who hit me, and asked him with very strong righteous thoughts, "What are you doing?" He became so scared that he sat down on the floor and did not get back his composure for quite a while. After a long while, he mumbled, "This boy speaks with the voice of a thunderclap. It really frightened me." Since then, the police at that police station have treated me much better.

The power we have depends on how strong our righteous thoughts are. Teacher's Fa was given to us for specific reasons. Teacher's Fa has given us the ability to protect ourselves. Our ability to use it depends on how we enlighten to the Fa truths and the degree of our belief in the Fa. Its protection of us comes from our intentions, that is, whether they are positive or negative. The difference of one thought will not only bring different results, but also bring out problems that we must find and root out, so we can do well the next time.

Once when I was walking on a side street, a depraved police officer wanted to beat me with a stick. I had no fear, but only thought about several sentences of Teacher's Fa on Martial Arts Qigong in Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun: "When you try to ward off someone's attack, the gong will also be there already." I looked at the officer who was viciously hitting me with the stick. I gently used my arm to keep it away. With one single blow, the officer and stick were moved more than ten feet. The policeman became scared, stood up, threw away the stick, started running, and disappeared.

Another time, the police paid seven local gangsters to deal with me. The outlet from the street was blocked and they held beer bottles in their hands. I looked at them calmly, and with a heart like still water. Every cell in my entire body was filled with righteous thoughts granted by Dafa. Whoever I looked at trembled. I did not stop for one second and walked by them, with my eyes looking through the seven of them. They moved to the side, one by one, and stood in a row. The initial blockade became a line that sent me off.

The Fa-rectification continues. The highest of the old forces have already been destroyed and only some elements and arrangements by the old forces are left. The immense force of the Fa-rectification constantly cleans away old force factors. As long as our righteous thoughts are strong, we can certainly eliminate the old arrangements. We need to disregard the wickedness and arrogance displayed by the evil forces in China. It is simply superficial, and can only frighten human notions. When Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are strong, the evil elements disappear instantaneously.

Many fellow practitioners believe that the organ harvesting is happening because some practitioners signed an agreement with the old forces. Actually, it is not so. The immense force of the Fa-rectification is passing through the final crack set by the old forces. The evil dark minions have become so vicious that they no longer obey the old principles. The harvesting of organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners by the CCP minions in China is such a manifestation.

There are practitioners who think that we will help disciples escape from Mainland China. They do not realize that this would limit our ability to save sentient beings. This thought is not acceptable. The old forces use the excuse of "testing" us to tightly restrict disciples from leaving China, because they know that this is where Dafa disciples' main body resides. They fear and hate this power. Regardless if practitioners have attachments or not, the old forces want to persecute them, but they can't find the excuse to do so. How can saving sentient beings in China become the excuse for the old forces to "test" and restrict Mainland China Dafa disciples? We must be very clear in every thought of ours. We cannot accept these warped ideas of the old forces.

Some practitioners think that such cruel persecution in China is caused by the loopholes of disciples in China. Such a thought is one-sided and practitioners outside China also carry responsibilities. If overseas practitioners do not pay enough attention to exposing the evil, and do not send forth righteous thoughts to clear away evil, then the evil obtains a license to continue the persecution. It will take any opportunity to persecute disciples in China. Moreover, overseas practitioners live under better conditions than practitioners in China, so they should eliminate the evil without delay.

Dafa disciples must be one body, and "connect to become one large piece" in the other dimensions. As one body, the power to eliminate the evil will be much more effective. For practitioners to truly become one body, just like a big rotating Falun, we can't depend on persuading others, suppressing others, or pushing aside others, but share on the Fa and truly improve in our cultivation.

This thought brings forward several issues. The first is that after the global effort to send forth righteous thoughts at three set times on Saturday ended, many fellow practitioners held the thought that they did not do well or enough. As a matter of fact, if you think about it as a duty during the Fa- rectification, one should conclude that it wasn't that one did not do enough, but that one did not cultivate diligently. If one does not cultivate diligently, how can one fulfill all requirements? If one does not cultivate diligently, how can one do well? Isn't this the principle? In the final analysis, it is indeed a cultivation issue. We are telling everyday people not to miss this once in an eternity special chance. Actually, it is also the same for us. We are busy doing things but not cultivating ourselves. Therefore, it is not any different from ordinary people missing the special chance. It doesn't matter how many temples one builds, one can't become a Buddha if one can't reach the realm of Buddha.

The requirements of the Fa-rectification are constantly increasing. The closer to the end, the higher the requirements. Truly following the process of the Fa-rectification is not as simple as it sounds. This does not mean doing things every day or doing more and more, but it means solidly cultivating oneself during the Fa-rectification. This makes one's every thought and all aspects achieve the requirements of the Fa-rectification.

The second issue is that for a period of time, I often thought subconsciously that I was great, and even felt that I was not ordinary, because I could do some things beside Teacher. For a while I displayed a kind of superiority feeling. Once in sitting mediation, I saw many great kings whose levels were indescribably high before they came to this realm. In the process of coming down, they always followed Teacher, and their hearts and minds were firm in Dafa. However, in the process of coming to this realm, the old forces compelled them to sign an agreement. They were told that if they did not sign, they would not get the opportunity to obtain Dafa in the human world. Every level has the certain maze on that particular level. This was the cosmos that was already warped and had deviated from "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." This is a very brutal test for the kings coming down layer upon layer. Not everyone can achieve what one sets out to do. Facing threats by the old forces, these kings did not compromise, and would rather have died than sign an agreement with the old forces. That grandness is sufficient to shake the entire cosmos. My face was bathed in tears. Now, these great kings gather in Mainland China. They fulfill the important task of validating Dafa and saving sentient beings in that vicious environment without fear. Moreover, in the process of coming down to obtain the Fa, their lives attained great qualities, and built up a deep foundation so they could successfully fulfill their task of saving sentient beings in the vicious environment of Mainland China.

After I returned from tranquility, I could not stop my tears. I was deeply moved by the actions of these great beings who became Dafa disciples. I also felt ashamed for the ideas that had flooded my mind. The genuine Dafa disciples of China are truly great, because in the face of extreme difficulties, they have indeed done what a Dafa disciple should do, and also truly cultivated everything that a Dafa disciple should. In comparison, overseas practitioners still have not done well.

Teacher is merciful, always encouraging overseas Dafa disciples, hoping we can do even better. However, if we do not keep our thoughts on Fa-rectification period cultivation, and instead develop improper thoughts, we could be faced with a very large obstruction.

In the future, the entire cosmos will remember that the most truly great lives are the main body of Dafa disciples--Mainland China disciples who continue to steadfastly validate Dafa in the most difficult and dangerous environment. This is not to say that overseas Dafa disciples are not equal to Mainland practitioners. But great honor truly belongs to the Mainland disciples. Every god in the cosmos believes this to be true.

The third issue is that in the process of Fa-rectification all factors will be included. There will certainly be reactions during cultivation. No matter what reaction it is, you must be steadfast in Dafa cultivation, and treat it with the correct attitude.

Once, because I wanted to do several things, and the process of doing them touched the old forces' factors, they brought many problems for me in the human world. These problems manifested as many things that happened to my family, in society, and even among fellow practitioners. It often brought me to breathlessness. However, it was obvious that everything was meant to make me waver in my cultivation faith. I passed the tests with great difficulty. I was exhausted at times from the intensity. However, I was certain that it was interference from the old forces' elements. I understood that I should not acknowledge it. Yet, I really felt so tired and exhausted. Then, I felt I was being held in a warm arm. I saw Teacher's Fashen gently embracing me, like a mother embracing a child. Teacher's face was filled with fatherly concern. I knew Teacher was encouraging his disciple to have righteous thoughts and perform righteous actions.

Another time, I suffered many problems during a project. I was deeply grieved for many days, and felt very low. In a dream, the very leisurely and exquisite sound of Xiao [Chinese end-blown bamboo flute] came from a distant place. That sound lifted my spirit, and gave me strength. It was so powerful that I could maintain righteous thoughts. I followed the sound and looked around. I saw Teacher sitting in a high place, gently playing the Xiao. The sound of the Xiao was full of care, and full of expectation. I woke up with tears running down my face from the dream. I realized that Teacher, with his infinite compassion, did not leave his disciple for a single moment.

I remember that I once held different thoughts and opinions as to how to coordinate practitioners and how to do things. I did not argue with the coordinator, but my mind was filled with criticism and condemnation. At that moment, all practitioners of that team looked at me strangely. I felt I was treated coolly during later activities. I did not say anything despite being unhappy. After some consideration, I firmly believed my understanding of the Fa was not wrong. When doing things, I quietly cooperated with the coordination of practitioners. In sitting meditation, I saw our esteemed giant Teacher put out his unbelievably giant hands, gently hold me in both hands, raise me very high and protect me. I deeply felt Teacher's protection.

Teacher told us that he treasured us more than we treasure ourselves. Teacher knows his disciples. In fact at any time, in any environment, as long as we believe in Teacher, believe in Dafa, and correctly treat anything with the Fa-rectification period cultivation attitude, there will certainly be boundless opportunities before us.

The fourth issue touches on practitioners' sharing. I felt strongly that others had not realized that sharing is fine during the individual cultivation period, but that in Fa-rectification period cultivation, this notion became an obstacle.

Dafa cultivation differentiates from any cultivation way practiced during any historical time. It did not matter what form it took, or its implications and even the ideology was not of importance.

The old forces made arrangements for everything during the thousands of years preparing for the Fa-rectification. The sole purpose was to test Dafa. They even would not allow Dafa disciples' personal thoughts. They arranged what they wanted. However, all this is not what Teacher wants, and was all imposed on Teacher and Dafa by the old forces.

Two years ago, I was sitting in meditation. After I entered into tranquility, I came to a dimension that was full of things like big water jars, one row after another. However I found that every jar was filled with bad things. When I wondered what they were, I saw several bad gods adding things to the jars and I heard them talking. Originally, the things in the jars were prepared for Dafa disciples. Because Teacher blocked and disallowed them, they received orders to press all bad things onto Teacher. In anger, I pulled my sword (my Fa implement), and turned it into a giant stick. I swept everything away in that dimension, and eliminated those jars and depraved gods.

Teacher arranged the cultivation of Dafa disciples. It has nothing to do with the old forces. No matter the origin of a life, as long as his main consciousness wants to cultivate in Dafa, that is equal to one having chosen Dafa and Teacher. Therefore, Teacher arranges his cultivation. The old forces have no right to meddle. Even if the practitioner signed an agreement with the old forces, as long as he does not acknowledge it (Teacher never acknowledges it), then the old forces have no right to "interfere" in his cultivation.

When Dafa disciples encounter bad or dangerous things which were solved by Teacher, many practitioners think Teacher helped them endure. During the individual cultivation period before July 20, 1999, Teacher endured many disciples' karma to help us cultivate. But, in Fa-rectification cultivation, Teacher has Dafa disciples involved in activities to end the persecution, and asks them to negate all arrangements by the old forces. As Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, we can't have the same understanding on thoughts and notions as before.

You think, "Teacher helps to endure," and she thinks "Teacher helps to endure." If many Dafa disciples think this way, then those things are truly piling up in front of Teacher. All those things were actually imposed on Dafa and Dafa disciples by the old forces.

Dafa creates everything, from the most macroscopic to the most microscopic. Everything that one expects to find is here so why do we need so-called tests from the old forces? They are not qualified to test Dafa. The Fa-rectification touches all old forces, touches their most essential parts. Because Teacher does not acknowledge the selfish arrangements by the old forces, the old forces pushed the most warped elements towards Teacher and Dafa disciples. Yet, practitioners have the mission to save sentient beings. In order to protect Dafa disciples, Teacher turned back all these warped elements. Teacher's supernatural power can absolutely push back all arrangements by the old forces, because nobody is qualified to test Dafa. Whoever has the thought of testing Dafa must bear the consequences and compensate for the interference. Because Teacher has immense mercy, Teacher also wants to save the old forces, but the old forces have other ideas. Therefore, the old forces themselves have chosen to be eliminated.

The old forces, with their warped notions, have made all sorts of arrangements, claiming that it benefits Dafa disciples' improvement. However, since remote times, their true aim has been selfish and meant only to benefit themselves. They did not wish to save sentient beings; they wanted to destroy sentient beings. We do not acknowledge this. We should not believe that it truly benefits Dafa disciples. Dafa disciples have become more and more mature during their efforts to end the persecution and their Fa-rectification period cultivation. This happened not because of this persecution, but because we have Teacher to tell us the Dafa principles and guide us in our cultivation. This is the only criterion by which we can achieve our mission. Whether sentient beings obtain the opportunity of being saved is not rooted in this persecution, but in sentient beings' attitude towards Dafa. Didn't Teacher tell us that if this persecution had not happened, everything could be solved with compassionate solutions? Wouldn't all sentient beings have obtained salvation? All arrangements of the old forces are a roadblock to Teacher's Fa-rectification today, and a barrier to Dafa disciples assisting Teacher in saving sentient beings.

Fellow practitioners, when you encounter an ordeal, no longer think that Teacher helped you endure. Teacher created this Dafa, and does not need to endure any old forces' arrangements or elements. It is the old forces, the evil lives who persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples, and the prime criminal who arranged this persecution who should endure suffering, not our Teacher, or Dafa disciples.

This is the same as correcting the words--get rid of everything old, warped and impure, and change to the new and become gold.

Clear away the old notions in our thoughts, let the old forces' arrangements and elements have no place to stay, and only then can we fundamentally negate the old forces and all their arrangements. Assimilate to Dafa, and let every thought of ours emit the brilliance of splendid gods shaped by Dafa.