(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Deng is 58 years old. She lives on a village farm and has no formal education, but she has a strong body and a rosy complexion. She does her daily housework as well as her farm chores. Ms. Deng’s two sons are married and have children of their own. She has a wonderful family.

But just two years ago, everyone in that family worried every day. They worried about Ms. Deng's life because she had colon cancer. She suffered terribly and could not tolerate the pain. She had become depressed. Even though they spent over 10,000 yuan for medicine and hospital fees, there was no improvement in her illness. The doctor said that the only way to prolong her life was to do a colostomy, requiring a bag on the outside of her abdomen. This could only prolong her life for a short time, and it would be a miserable experience.

Ms. Deng had by then heard that Xiao Fang had been ill for five years. She eventually became bedridden and was waiting for death to come. But after one week of learning and practicing Falun Gong, her illness disappeared and she was like a totally new person.

Ms. Deng immediately decided to forgo the surgery. Instead, she wanted to learn Falun Gong. That day was market day, and Ms. Deng’s husband saw Xiao Fang at the market. She was indeed full of energy and her face had a healthy glow. He asked her how she had become well. Xiao Fang’s husband told him, "It is Falun Gong that cured her. It was a miracle! She started to change, even just after one hour of practice. Don’t believe what the TV says. It is all lies. Look at Xiao Fang! She is a living example. Who can make this up?"

Xiao Fang confirmed what her husband just said. Ms. Deng’s husband asked quickly, "Will it work for a cancer patient in my family?" Xiao Fang told him that if that person truly practices, it should work.

The next morning Ms. Deng went to Xiao Fang's home to learn the practice. Ms. Deng sat there and watched Master's lecture video with Xiao Fang. After finishing one DVD, Ms. Deng asked, "Why do I feel good when watching the video and my stomach has some movements and makes noises?" Xiao Fang told her that Master was cleansing her body and that it was a good thing. Ms. Deng then went to Xiao Fang’s home to watch Master’s Fa lecture videos every day, and she also learned the five exercise movements.

Even before she got used to the exercise movements, something miraculous happened. When she slept at night, her belly was making sounds and she felt a little pain. After that she began to have loose, black stools. She had to get up several times in one night, yet she was not scared. She thought, "This is great. Master is cleansing my body now." She had loose bowls for three nights. It didn’t affect her study and practice during the daytime. On the contrary, she felt comfortable and relaxed. After perhaps seven days, her cancer was gone! The whole family was overjoyed. They proclaimed how wonderful Dafa is.

Ms. Deng was full of confidence and said, "It is such a great practice. I will continue to practice for the rest of my life." Others asked her about the slander on TV, and if she would continue to practice if the authorities tried to pressure her. Ms. Deng said, "I don’t believe those lies. I trust what I have experienced firsthand. I can tell what is right and what is wrong. No one can prevent me from cultivation in Dafa."

Before too long, Ms. Deng could sit in meditation with both legs crossed. She felt more and more energetic. She can do her work quickly, like a young person, and doesn’t feel tired. She tells everyone she meets, "Falun Dafa is what saved my life! Master is magnificent. He endured such a terrible injustice not for himself but for saving human beings. Where can you find such a person in the human world?" She often tells people about Dafa's wonders. Now all her family members have quit the CCP and its affiliated associations.

Dafa has saved this person’s life, and her entire family was saved by Dafa. I hope that all who have a predestined relationship will come to embrace Dafa. Don’t miss this precious opportunity!