(Clearwisdom.net) More than 13 years have passed since I obtained the Fa. However, it feels like yesterday. Master's resonant voice, amiable smiles and compassionate teachings are always vividly in front of my eyes and in my mind, rectifying my speech, thoughts and actions.

I learned the real meaning of life on July 16, 1993. My vision of the world changed fundamentally. I found the true Fa of the cosmos. That was the happiest and most unforgettable day in my life. I was fortunate enough to attend two of Master's classes at the Cultural Center of the Electricity Bureau in Qiqihar City and Harbin Ice Hockey Stadium, both in Heilongjiang Province. I am not able to express my happiness and joy, nor am I able to describe properly my gratitude and admiration towards Master.

I knew nothing at all about qigong. However, I was deeply attracted by a speech of Master's before the class. I not only felt very comfortable, but also felt that deep in my mind, huge changes were happening. It made me feel like I was returning home after leaving for a long time. I did not want to leave even after the speech finished. I thought this was not an ordinary qigong Master, so I decided to attend the class, knowing that this opportunity was not to be missed. Otherwise, I might lose it forever.

At the beginning, there were not many people in the class. Every day there were only two to three hundred. However, the attendees became more and more. On the fifth day, many people came, and all the seats were taken. At the beginning, my enlightenment quality was poor. Every day I went early so that I could save two seats for my colleagues. In order to see and listen better, I always tried to occupy seats in the third or fourth row, which was the best position in terms of distance from the platform. However, as I listened to Master's teachings, I realized that this was wrong. I had been too selfish. I immediately abandoned my wrong thoughts. What Master taught us in the classes made the listeners feel sincerely convinced. Every one wanted to rectify themselves from the bottom of their hearts.

Master was extremely amiable and easy going. His voice sounded magnetic. Everyone felt very comfortable, with no bad thoughts nor worries in mind. Everyone felt as happy as a child.

During the class I saw there were many colorful poles above Master's head, shoulders and body. The poles kept changing. Initially I thought the poles were formed by the lights. But others said that they didn't see any poles. I only knew later that all the poles were the manifestation of Master's various types of gong. It was so marvelous. I thought that Master might be the grandest Buddha.

Master talked about the Third Eye in the second class. In order to open students' minds on the topic of multi-level dimensions, Master gave an example using a black cup. Master said (not exact words), "I will pull the cup in another dimension to my left hand. Please watch carefully." Master held the cup on the table with his right hand while moving his left hand close to his right hand, pulling (the cup in other dimension) to the left. He said while pulling, "Watch my left hand." He stopped pulling when his left hand was about 30 cm away from His right hand and asked whether we had seen the cup in his left hand in other dimensions. Some answered, "Yes." I did see the cup in another dimension. But it was not black. It turned white. I therefore doubted what I saw. I also saw that Master became very tall on the platform, his head was almost touching the roof. However, he was about 1.8 m. (5 ft. 11in.) tall. I felt very strange.

During the break, when a student taught another student the exercises, I saw Master grabbing something at the platform. After he grabbed, he threw it down and trampled on it with force. I thought it must be Master protecting the student and eliminating bad beings for his student. As Master's disciples, we can never pay back what Master has given us. We can only be more diligent and cultivate well to let Master feel heartened.

Thirteen years have passed. Whenever I recall this period of time, I cannot help shedding tears, and I always feel special. Whenever I read the following paragraph, I feel as if I were in Master's class again:

"I think that whoever gets to hear me transmit the exercises and teachings in person, I'd say he's really... later on you'll know, and you'll feel really glad about this period of time. Of course, we believe in karmic relationship, and everybody sits here because of their karmic relationships."(Zhuan Falun)

During the classes, every day I stood in front of the gate of the Cultural Center, sometimes only two or three meters away from Master. Every day I saw people surrounding Master, asking him to heal their illnesses or sign the book China Falun Gong (original version, not the revised version). However, I didn't do any of this. I thought, "If you want to have good gong, just practice diligently." It was so impolite to surround Master and mess around like that. Sometimes I saw Master raise his head and smile at me. I later understood that Master must have known what was in my mind. I heard Master say many times about how the book was written by Him. He said each word was infinitely precious, why do you still need a signature? However, Master patiently signed with a smile for everyone.

The tenth class was the time when students could ask questions. Below are the questions I asked:

1. Revered Master, why did you look so tall on the platform? Sometimes you were so high that you almost reached the roof. Master said with a smile (my recollection): "Then you've seen the right thing." Only after studying the Fa did I know that what I had seen was Master's Law Body.

2. Master, during the second class, when you gave an example, why did the cup in other dimensions (you pulled out from the cup in this dimension) turn white? Master said that colors would change in other dimensions. The red color will become green, black will turn white, etc. As I didn't have a book then, I forgot Master's exact words.

3. I still feel ashamed for having to ask this question: Master, I think you are the grandest Buddha. What kind of cultivation fruition have you achieved? After reading my question slip, Master laughed without answering it. I didn't understand affairs of the Buddhas' paradises then, nor had I come into contact with cultivators of Buddhahood. I was too ignorant, and my question was too laughable. It was disrespectful to Master. Now I know that Master has come to save sentient beings and to rectify the cosmos. Master didn't come to cultivate.

When the classes were about to end, I felt it was very hard to calm down. With respect, reluctance to leave and gratitude, I wrote an experience-sharing article and handed it to Master. I remember that there were two sentences in it: "On the day when I obtained the Fa, I had one thought in my mind. No matter what happens, I will genuinely cultivate to the end. Hardships and difficulties cannot stop my steps. Returning to my original, true self is my only wish."

During more than one decade of cultivation amidst hardships, difficulties, and even bloody persecution, during the battles to oppose the persecution, it is Master's saving grace that has enabled me to be as solid as a rock and have steadfast faith in Master and Dafa. I will be more diligent and never slack off. I will do the three things well and walk every step well.