(Clearwisdom.net) For experience sharing conferences in the past two years, I wrote two articles for each conference -- one about my own cultivation experiences and the other was written about fellow practitioners' experiences. Both times, the other practitioners went to the stage to speak, while the articles I wrote for myself were not selected. Thus, those who are good at writing do not necessarily have good experience sharing skills, and conversely, those not good at writing or not having time to write may nonetheless have valuable experiences worth sharing. My personal understanding from this is that practitioners are one body, and those who can write articles carry the responsibility to write about righteous actions by fellow practitioners. If we do this, every experience sharing conference will indeed become a great meeting, encouraging improvement and strengthening righteous thoughts.

We often see diligent practitioners who have even displayed miracles. However, there are hundreds of thousands of practitioners in Taiwan, so why are we always short of articles when there are experience sharing conferences? This situation happens again and again. Is it because those practitioners who can write articles did not fulfill their duties? I think that we do not have to wait for experience sharing conferences to write articles. In our daily lives, when we see the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of practitioners, we can always help to write them down, then send them to corresponding Dafa websites. If we do this, the whole body of Dafa practitioners will become an environment that cultivates each other.

My personal understanding is that every practitioner has different capabilities, different conditions, and of course, different shortcomings. Veteran practitioners can help new practitioners, those with experience can help those who have no experience, those capable can help those not capable, and those who have time can help those who have no time. Even if it is just a correction of the exercise movements, or a kind reminder when seeing attachments from fellow practitioners, it is all harmonizing Dafa and helping the whole body. If fellow practitioners can help each other, and form an unbreakable one body, then gods and Buddhas will emerge, and the evil will be completely eliminated.

These are my personal understandings, if there is anything inappropriate, please correct me compassionately.

December 7, 2006