(Clearwisdom.net) Understanding what it means to "study the Fa well" is always an obstacle for some practitioners. So many practitioners have questions on how to study the Fa. Some practitioners can memorize the Fa and some can read several lectures a day, but they don't behave in an upright way, which is a reflection of their xinxing. Hence, there are always some practitioners that are puzzled. They ask fellow practitioners who live nearby what's wrong with how they study. I want to share my personal understanding on this issue. If there is anything wrong, please compassionately point it out.

Our Attitude Towards the Fa

I think that the kind of attitude we have towards Dafa is essential. Master teaches us the fundamental Dafa of the universe. Many practitioners know that Master teaches such a great Fa, but he does not simply teach the Fa for the cultivation of disciples. If our understanding of the Fa is still only personal cultivation, what the Fa can demonstrate to us is only the Fa at a personal cultivation level because we lack a broader understanding of Master's teaching. If we change our ways to understand Master's teachings, we may enlighten further and have higher levels of understanding of the Fa-rectification.

If practitioners know the concept and responsibility of Fa-rectification period disciples clearly, then the Fa will show us the higher level. Then it is possible even if we are not allowed to study the Fa, because an enlightened being naturally knows the invaluable importance of studying the Fa.

Assimilating Ourselves into the Fa Quickly

In the first period of studying the Fa, when we could not enlighten to the Fa, maybe it was because we did not have as much of a direct understanding as we got from doing the exercises. But I have understood that whether we understand it more or less, we understand it at a higher level than ordinary people and understand it more than ordinary people can. So if we only study the Fa, even with the little we understand, we should weigh everything we encounter with the standard of Dafa. Whatever we encounter, we should consider it as a chance to look inside and cultivate ourselves. Gradually we will be assimilated to the Fa and improve our level of cultivation. The more we pay attention to cultivation, the more Master will show us when we study the Fa. Master will show us the principle that we should know when we continue to improve our levels. Many practitioners have had such experiences.

If we do not recognize the importance of studying the Fa, and if we do not think much of cultivation, then we are unconsciously looking outwards and pursuing externally in a human way when we meet with troubles. Then our thoughts are not in the Fa, so we cannot feel personal improvement and feel, rather, that doing things is difficult. When we feel that it is very difficult to do things, or that our human thoughts are very active, it means that we should calm down and study the Fa. Only when we purify our mind according to Dafa, find out our personal attachments, and let go of our attachments can we attain wisdom from the Fa, and thus cultivate well and do what we should do. These go hand in hand with each other.

"To study the Fa well" is not for showing off to others or to comfort ourselves. With those thoughts, we would be still looking at the problem with human attachments and notions. The person who genuinely studies the Fa well gains selflessness naturally. They will think more about others when they meet trouble and do everything more efficiently. They will not be attached to personal notions and will not be moved by outside interference. Righteous thoughts and divine thinking will emerge when problems arise.