(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Huang Jiangxian is from Huidong, Guangdong Province. He and his wife have been persecuted since July 1999. His wife has been forced into homelessness, while Mr. Huang has been "illegally imprisoned" in a forced labor camp.

Huang Jingxian was a soldier in the army in Beihai, Guangxi Province, before he began practicing Dafa. Because the Chinese Communist Party has been trying to destroy the traditional Chinese culture and values, the level of morality among the soldiers and officers in the CCP army was poor. Mr. Huang committed bad deeds and was infected by terrible diseases.

After he retired from the army, Huang Jiangxian became a police officer at a local police station in Huidong. They were like gang members in uniforms. He was again in an immoral environment.

Fortunately, Mr. Huang met a female practitioner and married her. Due to the CCP's lies about Falun Gong, for a long period of time he could not accept what his wife said about Dafa, so he beat and verbally abused her, trying to force her to stop practicing. His wife clarified the truth to him with great patience. Because of the might of Dafa, he realized that Falun Dafa is good and her words were true. When he recognized how evil the CCP truly was, Huang began practicing himself. He got rid of his bad habits by requiring himself to be a better person. In the meantime, he started clarifying the truth at his work place and in society to expose the lies of the CCP. Many people learned the truth about Dafa from him.

In early 2005, Mr. Huang and his wife were reported to the Huidong Police Station. They were arrested and sent to the detention center, where they were severely tortured. The detention center wanted to reject Huang's wife because she had heart disease, but the police still tortured her while she was there. Her heart problem recurred during the torture and she lost consciousness twice. It took more than two hours for her to come to. The police sentenced her to two years of forced labor. She was constantly harassed by local State Security officers, so she had to stay away from her home and became homeless.

In the detention center, the local State Security officers beat Huang Jiangxian and smashed his head against the wall. When he passed out during the torture, the police videotaped him and said that his death would be reported as suicide.

Later Huang Jingxian was imprisoned in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp for two years, during which period he tried to escaped once on the way to a hospital. Policemen Chen Zhao and Ke Yujian caught him and beat him severely. They stepped on his face and pressed it against the cement floor, which caused a cut of four centimeters. Afterwards Mr. Huang was detained in an isolated small cell for one week. Around March and April of 2005, Director He of the No. 3 Branch of Sanshui Forced Labor Camp beat other inmates who were forced to watch the practitioners. Mr. Huang was locked in an isolated cell again because he exposed the violence. Director Lei Huiqing threatened him several times while he was locked in the isolated cell.

The contrast between practitioners' righteousness and the authorities' evil was obvious to the inmates. More and more people got to know the truth. The wardens were afraid of people knowing the truth, so they prohibited the inmates from having conversations with practitioners. If they did, the inmates would have their terms extended. However, many inmates learned the truth about Dafa after having contact with practitioners, and some of them even became practitioners themselves.

During a written "test" given by the guards, Mr. Huang Jingxian sent forth righteous thoughts at his the desk instead of answering the questions. He said aloud, "Falun Dafa is Good" as he was forced to leave the room. The sound of his voice shook the entire building and the guards were alarmed. Because of this, he was locked in an isolated cell again. He went on a hunger strike for three months to protest, but the police force-fed him brutally everyday. Then he was detained at Group 4 of the No. 3 Branch of Sanshui Forced Labor Camp and was watched closely by four inmates who were about to be released from the camp.