(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of November 5, 2006, policemen knocked at the door of Dafa practitioner Gao Longying's home in Miyi, Sichuan Province. When Gao Longying did not open the door, they threatened to take the whole family away. Gao Longying's daughter opened the door, and seven or eight people barged in, with more waiting outside.

Yang Zihua, Zhou Lin, Li Xuesong, Liu Xingyun and Cui Longjin, the head of the local police station, came in. Zhou Lin slapped Gao Longying in the face as soon as he stepped in. After turning Gao Longying's home upside down, they took her away and confiscated a cassette of Dafa exercise music and a small picture of Master Li. At around 4 p.m., they sent Gao Longying to the Chengguan Police Station and interrogated her about where the machine for making truth-clarification materials was. Gao did not answer, so Zhou Lin, Yang Zihua, Li Xuesong, and other policemen continued to take turns interrogating her.

They hung Gao Longying up from a window. When they found that they could not get what they wanted from her, they hung her up even higher, until her feet were off the ground, and left her this way for half an hour. When Gao Longying shouted "Falun Dafa is good", the policemen gagged her and then let her down. After a while, they resumed the interrogation. Zhou Lin slapped Ms. Gao in the face when she refused to answer. However, Gao Longyin still did not say anything. Yang Zihua and another policeman said, "We will hang you up again if you do not give us answers." They dragged her up and threw her into a table, and tried to hang her up again. Gao Longying resisted. One of the policemen made a one-inch break in a bone of her left hand, and one of her smaller bones in the hand suffered a compound fracture. At that time, Gao Longying shouted Master Li's name for help. The policemen let her down and discovered that her hand was really broken, so they sent her to a hospital. A doctor said that she definitely needed surgery but had to wait until the next day.

Gao Longying asked the policemen to inform her daughter, but they refused. The police arranged for two people to watch her. At about 2 a.m., Gao Longying asked for Master's Li's help and left the hospital. But since she did not have a place to stay, she went back home. She was detained again and sent to the hospital for surgery. From November 6 to November 18, four policemen watched Gao Longying constantly.

November 24, 2006