At 1 o'clock, on September 25, 2003, Falun Dafa practitioner Qian Dongcai from Qingdao City in Shandong Province was illegally arrested by staff from Shinan Sub-Bureau in Qingdao City and policemen. Qian was detained at Qingdao City No.1 Detention Center. People in charge of this case were Cheng Yuanjun and Jin Peng.

On December 16, 2003, he was arrested again by staff from the Shinan City Procuratorate in Qingdao City. He was detained at Qingdao City No.1 Detention Center (the person in charge of his case is known by the surname Guan. Further details are to be investigated).

Qian was sentenced in early 2005 and taken to Jinan Prison. About 20 days later, on February 4, 2005, he died as a result of persecution by staff from Internal Medicine in the Emergency Unit at Jinan Central Hospital. The "Patient Diagnostic Certificate" read "sudden death" in the "examination result" column. He was 48 years old. The medical doctor in charge of his case was Zhu Yuan.

On February 6, 2006, Qian's body was cremated at Lianhuashan Funeral Parlor.

Detailed information as to how Qian was persecuted to death will be investigated.